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broadcast-channel - :satellite: BroadcastChannel that works in New Browsers, Old Browsers, WebWorkers and NodeJs :satellite:

  •    Javascript

A BroadcastChannel allows simple communication between browsing contexts with the same origin or different NodeJs processes. This implementation works with old browsers, new browsers, WebWorkers and NodeJs. You can use it to send messages between multiple browser-tabs, iframes, WebWorkers and NodeJs-processes.

PySecretSOCKS - A python socks server for tunneling a connection over another channel

  •    Python

At a minimum you will need to create a Client and Server class for your communication channel. Both classes have a recv and write function you will need to override from the base class. Note that at runtime these will be run in separate threads. You also are required to write an _init_() function to initialize your communication channel in both classes. At the end you need to call self.start() to start the threads. The return of start() is the handle to the recv() thread.

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