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Creative-Commons-Markdown - Markdown-formatted Creative Commons licenses

  •    Javascript

On November 25th, 2013, Creative Commons announced their next generation licenses: Creative Commons 4.0. By default, these are available as HTML or plaintext. This project adds Markdown-formatted licenses to that list, while aiming for best compatibility on GitHub. If you notice any mistakes in content or formatting, please send a pull request with your correction.

.NET Framework Extensions Packages


Lightweight NuGet packages with reusable source code extending core .NET functionality, typically in self-contained source files added to your projects as internal classes that can be easily kept up-to-date with NuGet.


  •    DotNet

A collection of code in C# ranging from ActiveRecord, CSV, Configuration, Logging, Domain-Models, Repository, Authentication, Command-Line Parsing, HolidayCalendar, Cache,Cryptography,, Environment Selection(Prod, Dev) and much more. Simplify your development!

WPF Extensions

  •    WPF

Some extensions for the WPF framework. Controls, attached behaviours, helper classes, etc. For example: Zoom Control, DragBehavior, Thread-safe observable collection, etc...


  •    DotNet

NLib it's a Helper Library for .Net. It's developed in C#. It adds features to the framework and other libraries

Dotnet Commons

  •    DotNet

Dotnet Commons Project is an open source project which focus on all aspects of reusable .Net components. Taking after the Jakarta Commons concept, this project aims to provide some of the commonly used utility classes not available in the .Net Framework Base Class Library (BCL...

node-compress-commons - a library that defines a common interface for working with archive formats within node

  •    Javascript

Compress Commons is a library that defines a common interface for working with archive formats within node.You can also use npm install https://github.com/archiverjs/node-compress-commons/archive/master.tar.gz to test upcoming versions.

commons-validator-js - JavaScript port of Apache Commons Validator

  •    Javascript

JavaScript port of Apache Commons Validator. Then use the global constructor: var EmailValidator = CommonsValidator.EmailValidator; and proceed as shown in the npm usage example above.

agon - 🦉 my golang utilities, log json config and other

  •    Go

🦉 my golang utilities, log json config and other