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Common.Utility - 比较全面的c#帮助类,各种功能性代码。

  •    CSharp

网上有各式各样的帮助类,公共类,但是比较零碎,经常有人再群里或者各种社交账号上问我有没有这个helper, 那个helper,于是萌生了收集全部helper的念头,以便日后使用. 于是日常工作留意总结,加上网上收集,各式各样的几乎都能找到,所有功能性代码都是独立的类,类与类之间没有联系,可以单独引用至项目,分享出来,方便大家,几乎都有注释,喜欢的请点赞(star),不断完善收集中...



Common Utils

Sponge - SharePoint Framework


Sponge is a SharePoint Framework that contains centralized logging and configuration, as well as other useful Controls, Web Parts and Application Pages.

Visual Studio Snippets

  •    CSharp

A collection of Microsoft(R) Visual Studio snippet.

detect-import-require - list require and import paths from a JavaScript source

  •    Javascript

This is like detective, but with a narrow focus and thin API, specifically aimed at supporting either import and/or require statements, and not much more.See Custom AST for details on parsing additional language syntax, such as JSX or async/await.

common-words - visualise rare words

  •    Javascript

Uses data from the SUBTLEX US corpus (packaged by @zeke).

env-paths - Get paths for storing things like data, config, cache, etc

  •    Javascript

Uses the correct OS-specific paths. Most developers get this wrong.Name of your project. Used to generate the paths.

node-commondir - Compute the closest common parent for file paths

  •    Javascript

Compute the closest common parent directory for an array absolutePaths.Compute the closest common parent directory for an array relativePaths which will be resolved for each dir in relativePaths according to: path.resolve(basedir, dir).

mobile-commander - A collection of useful React Native commands

  •    Shell

A collection of useful React Native commands to help React Native developers. These commands work really well but do not limit themselves to 🔥 ignite projects.

accesslog - Middleware for common log format access logs

  •    Javascript

Output Common Log Format access logs to any stream. Defaults to process.stdout. You may configure Accesslog to use any writable stream such as an instance of stream.PassThrough as seen below.

vanilla-commons - Lightweight common vanilla utilities for the modern web development

  •    Javascript

This project uses node and npm. Go check them out if you don't have them locally installed. You can find the library on window.commons.

common-prefix - Retrieve the common prefix across multiple strings

  •    Javascript

Retrieve the common prefix across multiple strings. MIT. See LICENSE.md for details.