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commitlint - 📓 Lint commit messages

  •    Javascript

commitlint is considered stable and is used in various projects as development tool.

np - A better `npm publish`

  •    Javascript

Support my open source work by buying this excellent Node.js course.Run np without arguments to launch the interactive UI that guides you through publishing a new version.

life-commit - 🏃📆 Life as a git. Commit on your life.

  •    Javascript

🏃📆 Life as a git. Commit on your life. In order to use life-commit, make sure that you have Node version 6.0.0 or higher.

cz-cli - The commitizen command line utility.

  •    Javascript

When you commit with Commitizen, you'll be prompted to fill out any required commit fields at commit time. No more waiting until later for a git commit hook to run and reject your commit (though that can still be helpful). No more digging through CONTRIBUTING.md to find what the preferred format is. Get instant feedback on your commit message formatting and be prompted for required fields. Now, simply use git cz instead of git commit when committing.

git-cliff - A highly customizable Changelog Generator that follows Conventional Commit specifications ⛰️

  •    Rust

git-cliff can generate changelog files from the Git history by utilizing conventional commits as well as regex-powered custom parsers. The changelog template can be customized with a configuration file to match the desired format. See the available binaries for different operating systems/architectures from the releases page.

gitmoji-cli - A gitmoji interactive command line tool for using emojis on commits. 💻

  •    Javascript

A gitmoji interactive client for using gitmojis on commit messages. You can use the commit functionality in two ways, directly or via a commit-hook.

committia.vim - A Vim plugin for more pleasant editing on commit messages

  •    Vim

When you type git commit, Vim starts and opens a commit buffer. This plugin improves the commit buffer. committia.vim splits the buffer into 3 windows; edit window, status window and diff window. You no longer need to repeat scroll and back to the former position in order to see a long commit diff. If the width of Vim window is too narrow (160 characters by default), committia.vim falls back to single column mode, which has 2 windows; edit window and diff window.

CommitTasks - A combination between git commit & todo list :tada:

  •    Javascript

CommitTasks is a small, robust cli for developers to plan and manage their git commits in multiple projects. In other words, CommitTasks is a combination of git commit & todo list. With just a few examples, the users can learn to plan, prepare and commit their changes with confident. In all the examples bellow, if your current working directory has the same name as your project name in CommitTasks list then you can replace your project name with a . character.

remote-git-tags - Get tags from a remote git repo. Using only JS. No git binary required.

  •    Javascript

Like git ls-remote, which doesn't require cloning the repo, but this is 100% JavaScript, meaning no dependency on the Git binary.Really just some minor glue to @chrisdickinson's awesome work on reimplementing Git in JavaScript.

git-history - stream git history

  •    Javascript

Return a stream of 'data' events with commit objects of all the commit properties.If you pipe to the stream on the present tick you can pipe git log data directly to this parser. Otherwise git log will be called automatically.

git-watcher - Git GUI desktop app that shows real-time diff file information for working directory and index

  •    Javascript

Git Watcher is a multi-platform desktop app written in pure HTML and Javascript using nw.js (node-webkit). It shows diff information about local staged/unstaged files and allows you to commit changes. UI is updated in real-time by detecting file changes and git index changes. Submodules also inform changes to their parent module.

git-at-me - Github Pull Request Notifications with Node.js

  •    Javascript

Github provides a way for you to subscribe to Web Hooks (they will POST data to a url you specify) for certain events on your repo. Unfortunately, creating a Web Hook for Pull Requests is more complex than necessary. Git-at-me should handle most of the pain points including generating a token from the command line and starting up a server to listen for notifications with minimal configuration. If you don't pass an auth value, git-at-me will attempt to create one for you by asking for your GitHub username and password. The username and password are not stored, but the token will be saved to a file that you can require later (defaults to github-token.js in the current working directory).

gitme - A command line tool to see your git commits across multiple projects

  •    Javascript

A command line tool to see your git commits across multiple projects. This tool is written using Node.js, so Node must be installed to use it. If you are looking for a module for parsing the git log in Node, you should look at node-gitlog, which is what this module uses.

strider-github-status - Strider test status for Github Pull Requests

  •    Javascript

This gives you nice notifications on pull-requests and commits that are tested, letting you know if the tests would pass or fail on the merged code. This plugin depends on strider-github.

git-hook-modules - A simple module system for git hooks

  •    Javascript

Deprecated: Check out husky if is you want a module system for git hooks. A simple git hook module system.

nodegit-kit - Complementary NodeGit helpers returning native Promises, helps with git commands such as init, add, commit, status, diff

  •    Javascript

Promises for git commands such as git init, git status, git add *, git diff, git log and git commit -am"commit message". Returns repository, if no repo is found, tries to create the directory and initializes the repository. Initializing is using init internally.

cmt - Get rid of all the boring git commit messages like 'small fix'

  •    Javascript

Get rid of all the boring git commit messages like 'small fix'. cmt is an automatic git commit generator

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