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awesome-charting - A curated list of chart and dataviz resources that developers may find useful.

  •    Javascript

A curated list of chart and dataviz resources that developers may find useful. Focused on relevant and currently active JavaScript charting libraries for different use cases. Ordered alphabetically in each category. Inspired by the Awesome thing.

uWebSockets - Tiny WebSockets

  •    C++

µWS ("microWS") is simple and efficient messaging for the modern web. A free & open source (Zlib) hobby project of mine since 2016. Kindly sponsored by BitMEX, Bitfinex & Coinbase in 2018.

uWebSockets.js - μWebSockets for Node.js back-ends

  •    C++

µWebSockets.js is an HTTP/WebSocket server for Node.js that runs 8.5x that of Fastify and at least 10x that of Socket.IO. It comes with both router and pub/sub support and is suited for extraordinary performance needs. Being written in native code directly targeting the Linux kernel makes it way faster than any JavaScript implementation. It powers many of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world, handling trade volumes of multiple billions of USD every day.

magic-cookies - Remove all the cookies on the tray! - The Haskell iOS & Android board game


Sorry to hear that. Please, open a new issue or send an email to support@keera.co.uk. Please, be aware that issues reported using github are visible to everybody. If you are including confidential information, please send us an email. We often comment on our progress on Facebook and Twitter. Please, follow us. Everything we publish has to do with multimedia and games in Haskell and other Functional languages.

HRCloud2 - A full-featured home hosted Cloud Drive, Personal Assistant, App Launcher, File Converter, Streamer, Share Tool & More!

  •    PHP

HRCloud2 is a personal Cloud CMS Platform similar to ownCloud but with far greater capability that includes all the same functionality as a commercial end-user based Cloud platform. Functions like file conversion, OCR, archiving, dearchiving, A/V scanning, sharing and more. With HRCloud2 you can perform all your favorite bash and command line tools just by selecting checkboxes and clicking buttons, from anywhere. HRCloud2 can integrate with WordPress, although it will install what it needs from WordPress when it does not exist. It uses user accounts created by WordPress, but does not itself use a database for anything other than user authentication. All log and cache files are internally controlled.

uWebSockets-node - Tiny WebSockets for Node.js


This repository tracks the development of Node.js bindings for µWebSockets v0.15.

seed - Standard Energy Efficiency Data (SEED) Platform™ is a web-based application that helps organizations easily manage data on the energy performance of large groups of buildings

  •    Python

The SEED Platform is a web-based application that helps organizations easily manage data on the energy performance of large groups of buildings. Users can combine data from multiple sources, clean and validate it, and share the information with others. The software application provides an easy, flexible, and cost-effective method to improve the quality and availability of data to help demonstrate the economic and environmental benefits of energy efficiency, to implement programs, and to target investment activity. The SEED application is written in Python/Django, with AngularJS, Bootstrap, and other javascript libraries used for the front-end. The back-end database is required to be PostgreSQL.

jinja-template - Jinja Template - Free & commercial projects | AppSeed


Jinja Template is a Python engine used to generate HTML or XML returned to the user via an HTTP response. For those who have not been exposed to a templating language before, such languages essentially contain variables as well as some programming logic, which when evaluated (or rendered into HTML) are replaced with actual values. Most complex and innovative Design System Made by Creative Tim. Soft UI Design System is built with over 70 frontend individual elements, like buttons, inputs, navbars, navtabs, cards or alerts, giving you the freedom of choosing and combining. All components can take variations in colour, that you can easily modify using SASS files and classes.

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