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fanyi - :book: A translate tool in your command line.

  •    Javascript

A translate tool in your command line. Translation data is fetched from iciba.com and fanyi.youdao.com, and only support translation between Chinese and English.

ERC - Easy Redirect Converter

  •    ASP

Tool to convert websites using .htaccess to maintain redirects on sites that do not support it. Great for moving from Apache to IIS

progressbar - An easy-to-use C library for displaying text progress bars.

  •    C

progressbar is a C-class (it's a convention, dammit) for displaying attractive progress bars on the command line. It's heavily influenced by the ruby ProgressBar gem, whose api and behaviour it imitates. progressbar is implemented in pure C99, but using a vaguely object-oriented convention.

zir - Realizes to write macros in any scripts into any languages.

  •    Crystal

The result is PI is 3.141593!. 😄 You can find other samples at here. zir.yaml is a configuration file to execute zir. You must put it on a root of your project. zir.yaml is consists of 3 parts.

cli - General purpose Command Line Interface (CLI) framework for Ruby

  •    Ruby

General purpose Command Line Interface (CLI) framework for Ruby. For a given command name, you can register a corresponding command object (aka command).

json-2-kotlin - Convert JSON to Kotlin Data Classes

  •    Kotlin

As you've probably guessed by now, this project automatically converts JSON to Kotlin source files. The tool itself is implemented 100% in Kotlin, and makes heavy use of Square's excellent KotlinPoet library. Read the blog post which covers how this multi-platform tool was written.

issue - Simple, distributed, command-line issue tracker

  •    Python

Issue is a command line issue tracker with dead-simple interface, and no-bullshit philosophy. Issue has only one interface - the cli issue tool written in Python 3.

raffaello - Powerful, yet simple to use, shell command output colorizer in Python

  •    Python

Raffaello colorizes the output stream of any command-line tool (e.g. gcc/g++, cmake, dmesg, syslog and custom), making it easier to read. The raffaello's command line interface let you use two call modes: pipes and command.

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