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mpc - A Parser Combinator library for C

  •    C

mpc is a lightweight and powerful Parser Combinator library for C. Using mpc might be of interest to you if you are...


  •    C++

QLanguage is a compiler for open source

url-pattern - easier than regex string matching patterns for urls and other strings

  •    CoffeeScript

easier than regex string matching patterns for urls and other strings. turn strings into data or data into strings.a pattern is immutable after construction. none of its methods changes its state. that makes it easier to reason about.

p-if - Conditional promise chains

  •    Javascript

It's just a passthrough if condition is false and doElse is not provided.Returns a thunk that returns a Promise.

ReParse - ReParse is a parser combinator library for Javascript like Haskell's Parsec.

  •    Javascript

ReParse is a parser combinator library for Javascript like Haskell's Parsec. Download lib/reparse.js and add it to your project or use npm install reparse.

p-break - Break out of a promise chain

  •    Javascript

See "How do I break out of a promise chain?" for a better way. Starts the break. Any .then()'s between here and pBreak.end() are skipped.

XParsec - extensible, type-and-source-polymorphic, non-linear applicative parser combinator library for F# 3

  •    F#

XParsec works with any type, is very easy to extend, supports domain-specific non-linear navigation and is implemented in a single F# file with just ~100 source lines of code. XParsec.Xml is the first XParsec extension. It is implemented in just 14 source lines of code for the examples used below and provides complete freedom in navigating XML trees.

paka-js - Parser Combinator for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Paka.js is a higher-order function based parser combinator. It's designed for creating language parsers in JavaScript. Unlike parser generators such as ANTLR, there's no static code generation involved. When writing language parsers in JavaScript, you can define the language grammar and semantics actions with the embedded DSL of paka.js. The following code implements a working caculator in less than 100 lines of code. The hightlight is that the language grammar is written in the embedded DSL, it's clean and easy to maintain.

loquat2 - Monadic parser combinator library for JS

  •    Javascript

Monadic parser combinator library for JavaScript, inspired by (and almost clone of) Parsec. Issues and pull requests are welcome! Please read contributing guidelines first when you make a contribution.

bennu - Javascript Parser Combinator Library

  •    Javascript

Bennu is a Javascript parser combinator library based on Parsec. Parser combinators allow complex parsers to be created from a set of simple building blocks. Compared to other parsing techniques, combinatorial parsers can be written more quickly and integrate better with the host language.

quark - Common combinators for Elixir

  •    Elixir

Elixir is a functional programming language, but it lacks some of the common built-in constructs that many other functional languages provide. This is not all-together surprising, as Elixir has a strong focus on handling the complexities of concurrency and fault-tolerance, rather than deeper functional composition of functions for reuse. curry creates a 0-arity function that curries an existing function. uncurry applies arguments to curried functions, or if passed a function creates a function on pairs.

node-orgmode - The orgmode implementation for Node

  •    Javascript

To see the complete API documentation, see API Documentation.

masala-parser - Javascript Parser Combinator

  •    Javascript

Masala Parser is inspired by the paper titled: Direct Style Monadic Parser Combinators For The Real World. Masala Parser is a Javascript implementation of the Haskell Parsec. It is plain Javascript that works in the browser, is tested with more than 450 unit tests, covering 100% of code lines.

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