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neat - A lightweight and flexible Sass grid

  •    CSS

Neat is a fluid grid framework with the aim of being easy enough to use out of the box and flexible enough to customize down the road. Alternatively, you can install Neat with Bower.

jquery-match-height - a responsive equal heights plugin

  •    Javascript

See the jquery.matchHeight.js demo. In the years since this library was originally developed there have been updates to CSS that can now achieve equal heights in many situations. If you only need to support modern browsers then consider using CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid instead.

vue2-datatable - The best Datatable for Vue

  •    Vue

The best Datatable for Vue.js 2.x which never sucks. Give us a star 🌟 if you like it! (DEPRECATED. As I, @kenberkeley, the only maintainer, no longer works for OneWay. Bugs may be fixed but new features or breaking changes might not be merged. However, it's still the best in my mind because of its extremely flexible usage of dynamic components)

waterfall.js - Tired of use creepy hacks or heavy ways to get a Grid based on Pinterest?

  •    Javascript

This question has a good point. Yes, there are CSS ways to solve this, using flexbox or columns technic, but this doesn't work well when you don't know about your data/structure. So we have to use JavaScript. The challenge is create a decent algorithm where the structure doesn't matter: Waterfall will work. ⚠️ The latest stable is waterfall-1.0.2 (which is used in the website), newest versions are suffering issues from a major rewrite.

SharePoint Filtered Lookup Field

  •    DotNet

This project creates a custom SharePoint lookup field that offers new functionalities to default SharePoint lookup field by allowing filters to be applied to retrieved data. Applied filters can be either dynamic CAML queries or pre-defined list views residing in source lists


  •    JQuery

This jQuery plugin (now in it's second version) sets all of the passed jQuery collection of elements to have the same height.


  •    JQuery

JQuery plugin that automatically changes short text to columns w/o the hassle of having white space in your container


  •    JQuery

A jQuery plugin that sets the height of each element in a group to the height of the highest element.

term-size - Reliably get the terminal window size

  •    Javascript

Confirmed working on macOS, Linux, and Windows.Returns an Object with columns and rows properties.

virtual-grid - A viewport into a virtual grid of text cells

  •    Javascript

A viewport into a virtual grid of text cells.Renderes cells in a grid. Each cell contains text that is wrapped and truncated to fit inside the cell. Full support for ANSI colors. Useful as a layout manager for terminal apps.

array-to-table - Convert an array of objects to a simple markdown table.

  •    Javascript

Convert an array of objects to a simple markdown table. The table results can be aligned to the left, right or center (default) using the third parameter.

bookshelf-json-columns - Parse JSON columns with Bookshelf.js

  •    Javascript

This Bookshelf.js plugin enables you to define which model columns have JSON format, preventing manual hook definition for each model with JSON columns.Contributions are welcome and greatly appreciated, so feel free to fork this repository and submit pull requests.

macos-term-size - Get the terminal window size on macOS

  •    C

Works even when run non-interactively, for example, in a child process or when piped.Download the binary and put it in /usr/local/bin.

react-native-draggable-board - Scrollable board component with sortable columns and draggable rows.

  •    Javascript

Scrollable board component with sortable columns and draggable rows. Disclaimer: this is under development. Use at your own risk, see issues.

columnizer - A simple tool for printing text in nice columns in the terminal.

  •    Javascript

A text formatting utility for printing nice columns in terminal output.

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