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colo - simplest colorize module for Node.js

  •    Javascript

colo is simple colorize module. No dependencies. node.js colorize module.

pluggable-output-processor - Pluggable Output Processor

  •    Python

Pluggable Output Processor is an engine to wrap any executabe and capture its output through a pluggable module to colorize it and/or (re)format. Then you may edit /etc/outproc/make.conf to adjust color settings. Note that gcc, g++, cc and c++ are the same module actually (named after typical GCC executables) and use the same /etc/outproc/gcc.conf config file.

json-colorizer - A library for colorizing JSON strings

  •    Javascript

A library to format JSON with colors for display in the console

grunt-svg-toolkit - A toolkit for working with, styling and converting SVG files.

  •    Javascript

A toolkit for working with, styling and converting SVG files. SVG Toolkit helps you work with SVG files by normalizing, colorizing, styling and optionally converting them to other formats, ready for production use.

loreley - Simple and extensible colorizer for programs' output

  •    Go

Easy and extensible colorizer for the programs' output. Unfortunately, stdlib tabwriter does not implement proper column width calculation if you use escape sequences in your data to highlight some output.

colorize - The code for a web application to turn a word/phrase into a color from image results

  •    PHP

If you've ever been drawing in Photoshop and thought 'What color is the sky', or have been designing a website and looking for that perfect 'purple' color, or just wanted to know what color sand is, it can be really hard to pinpoint a specific color. I created Colorize a while ago in order to turn a word/phrase into a hex color. It works by scraping the first page of Google Image results for the word/phrase, and finding the average color for the returned images.

colr - :art: colr colors strings, colorfully.

  •    Go

colr colors strings, colorfully.