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nord - An arctic, north-bluish color palette.

  •    CSS

An arctic, north-bluish color palette. Created for the clean- and minimal flat design pattern to achieve a optimal focus and readability for code syntax highlighting and UI. It consists of a total of sixteen, carefully selected, dimmed pastel colors for a eye-comfortable, but yet colorful ambiance.

idea-one-dark-theme - One Dark theme for IntelliJ IDEA, PhpStorm, PyCharm, RubyMine, WebStorm

  •    Javascript

Go to File | Import Settings... and specify the idea-one-dark-theme directory or the settings.jar file. Click OK in the dialog that appears. Go to Preferences | Editor | Colors & Fonts and select one of the new color themes.

vivid - A themeable LS_COLORS generator with a rich filetype datebase

  •    Rust

vivid is a generator for the LS_COLORS environment variable that controls the colorized output of ls, tree, fd, bfs, dust and many other tools. It uses a YAML configuration format for the filetype-database and the color themes. In contrast to dircolors, the database and the themes are organized in different files. This allows users to choose and customize color themes independent from the collection of file extensions. Instead of using cryptic ANSI escape codes, colors can be specified in the RRGGBB format and will be translated to either truecolor (24-bit) ANSI codes or 8-bit codes for older terminal emulators.

hexo-theme-freemind - Most powerful bootstrap theme for hexo.

  •    CSS

Freemind aims at fully taking advantages of Bootstrap. Freemind offers you the customized Categories, Tags and About pages. But you need to manually create these page at your 'source' folder.

color-theme-buffer-local - Set emacs color themes by buffer.

  •    Emacs

This emacs lisp package lets you set a color-theme on a per-buffer basis. This package uses Emacs Face Remapping to installing faces locally on the buffer by means of buffer-face-set and face-remap-set-base functions.

spectacle-theme-nova - :nail_care: Nova theme for Spectacle

  •    Javascript

By default the package exposes the "raw" un-transpiled files. Meaning, all fonts and styles are not bundled. This allows you to do whatever you want with the files when you bundle your presentation. For example, if you're using Melodrama to build your presentation, all fonts can be extracted to have better performance.

themeX - The ultimate UNIVERSAL syntax color theme generator that let's you build your color scheme in just one file and compile for a wide range of different editors

  •    TypeScript

There are many editors to support. Fortunately Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text and TextMate have a shared format tmTheme that is also supported by Atom through a convertor. However it still remains support for major tools like Visual Studio, Xcode, Xamarin Studio, IDEs by Jetbrains, LightTable, Qt Creator and many many many other... Colors defined by you are not displayed in the result correctly. After having an interesting issue with Visual Studio Code and Sublime Text, we found out that the editors tend to change your colors. We had to have a way to bypass their color filters by changing the colors of your scheme in the result files so after they apply their color changes, your colors remain the same.

colordrop - Interactive Drag & Drop Coloring with Material Design Color palette

  •    Javascript

Color a website by dragging and dropping a color droplet from a palette. Mozilla has a step by step description on how to add a bookmarklet.

iTerm-2-Peppermint - iTerm 2 Peppermint color theme

  •    Shell

This is a port of Terminal.app Peppermint color theme to iTerm2. Peppermint was originally developed by Noah Frederick.

pen-paper-coffee-syntax - Light Atom syntax theme designed for writing texts in markdown.

  •    CSS

Pen Paper Coffee is a syntax theme for the text editor atom, which is designed specifically for writing papers, essays etc. in markdown. The theme features increased font-sizes for each level of headers (see changes on the bottom), several useful, but not distracting syntax highlightings. The overall colors are inspired by the soft beige paper you would find in a notebook. While the ink (text color) is a dark blue, all quotes and citations are in a warm brownish orange to contrast them better to your own words. When writing text, not code, I usually set a line height of 1.4 or 1.5 in atoms settings, as you can see in the sample screenshots. Although the goal of this theme was to have a pleasant markdown writing experience, it looks good with other docs too! I personally use it for most of my coding work (JS, HTML, CSS, c++, glsl).

cuttle - Find the color transition function between two colors

  •    Javascript

Cuttle got you covered. Because that's what cephalopods do for one another.

hydrangea-vim - Hydrangea theme for Vim.

  •    Python

This repository includes a color scheme file for Vim. Currently, the colors for terminals, i.e. cterm* values, are not tested well. Please create an issue when you find a problem.

color-scheme-generator - When you just need some UI colors, fast.

  •    Javascript

Enter a brand color, or randomly generate one, and the rest of the colors will match. The greys also subtly tints with your brand color.

themecreator - http://mswift42

  •    Clojure

Create Color Themes for IntelliJ Editors, Atom, Emacs, Textmate, Vim and Gnome Terminal. No installation necessary. ThemeCreator is hosted on gh-pages. ThemeCreator supports Firefox, Chrome and Opera, as these are so far the only ones to support input-color.

visual-studio-code - :scream: A dark theme for Visual Studio Code

  •    Javascript

A dark theme for Visual Studio Code. All instructions can be found at draculatheme.com/visual-studio-code.

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