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vdcd - vdcd - virtual device controller daemon/framework for digitalSTROM

  •    M4

"vdcd" is a free (opensource, GPLv3) virtual device connector (vdc) implementation for digitalSTROM systems. A vdc integrates third-party automation hardware as virtual devices into a digitalSTROM system. This vdcd has ready-to-use implementation for various EnOcean devices, DALI lamps (single dimmers or RGB and RGBW multi-channel color lights), Philips hue LED color lights, WS281x RGB LED chains (directly on RPi, via p44-ledchain driver on MT7688), simple contacts and on-off switches connected to Linux GPIO and I2C pins, PWM outputs via i2c, experimental DMX512 support via OLA, Spark Core based devices support and console based debugging devices.