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collect.js - 💎 Convenient and dependency free wrapper for working with arrays and objects

  •    Javascript

Using Laravel as your backend? Collect.js offers an (almost) identical api to Laravel Collections 5.5. See differences. All comparisons in collect.js are done using strict equality. Using loose equality comparisons are generally frowned upon in JavaScript. Laravel only performs "loose" comparisons by default and offer several "strict" comparison methods. These methods have not been implemented in collect.js because all methods are strict by default.

docker-loghose - Collect all the logs from all docker containers

  •    Javascript

This project was kindly sponsored by nearForm.

all-your-github-are-belong-to-us - :octocat: Save all your GitHub data to one place, private & public

  •    Javascript

GitHub is a fantastic tool — I use it constantly. I'd like to understand more of how I work on GitHub, but I don't have all my data. I can setup an RSS hook on my public feed, but I do a lot of work on private repos as well. Simple, just run script/bootstrap from your clone.

npm-collect - automatically update package

  •    CoffeeScript

automatically update package.json according to installed/linked modules in /node_modules

fetch-react-native-components - React native components collect display

  •    Javascript

Use react-native keyword search in npm registry package, fetch 'README.md' pictures inside. React Native button component with rounded corners.

collect-stream - Collect a readable stream's output and errors

  •    Javascript

Collect a readable stream's output and errors. Give it a readable stream and a function and it will call latter with the potential error and a smart representation of the data the stream emitted.

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