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  •    HTML

A smooth, responsive jQuery plugin for collapsing and expanding long blocks of text with "Read more" and "Close" links.The markup Readmore.js requires is so simple, you can probably use it with your existing HTML—there's no need for complicated sets of div's or hardcoded classes, just call .readmore() on the element containing your block of text and Readmore.js takes care of the rest. Readmore.js plays well in a responsive environment, too.

ios-swift-collapsible-table-section - :iphone: A simple iOS swift-3 project demonstrates how to implement collapsible table section

  •    Swift

In this project, the table view automatically resizes the height of the rows to fit the content in each cell, and the custom cell is also implemented programmatically. collapsed indicates whether the current section is collapsed or not, by default is false.

ng-bootstrap - Angular powered Bootstrap

  •    TypeScript

Welcome to the Angular version of the Angular UI Bootstrap library. This library is being built from scratch by the ui-bootstrap team. We are using TypeScript and targeting the Bootstrap 4 CSS framework. As with Bootstrap 4, this library is a work in progress. Please check out our list of issues to see all the things we are implementing. Feel free to make comments there.

react-native-collapsible - Animated collapsible component for React Native, good for accordions, toggles etc

  •    Javascript

Pure JavaScript, supports dynamic content heights and components that is aware of its collapsed state (good for toggling arrows etc). This is a convenience component for a common use case, see demo below.

css-components - :coffee: A set of common UI Components using the power of CSS and without Javascript

  •    HTML

A set of common UI Components using the power of CSS and without Javascript. * CSS3 transitions are not supported in IE8 and below. ** Janky z-index. See tooltip on right example.

react-accessible-accordion - Accessible Accordion component for React

  •    Javascript

Try a demo now. We recommend that you copy them into your own app and modify them to suit your needs, particularly if you're using your own classNames.

react-show - ⚛️ 🌔 React-Show - A 3kb show/hide component for React.

  •    Javascript

A graphics accelerated dependency-free animation component for React. The default export and main component for React-Show.

collapse - React Collapse / Accordion

  •    TypeScript

If accordion is null or false, every panel can open. Opening another panel will not close any of the other panels. activeKey should be an string, if passing an array (the first item in the array will be used). If accordion is true, only one panel can be open. Opening another panel will cause the previously opened panel to close. activeKey should be an string, if passing an array (the first item in the array will be used).


  •    JQuery

jQuery plugin,which allows to minimize (collapse, hide) a long table down to integer row number.

ftools - Fast Stata commands for large datasets

  •    Stata

ftools can also be used to speed up your own commands. For more information, see this presentation from the 2017 Stata Conference (slides 14 and 15 show how to create faster alternatives to unique and xmiss with only a couple lines of code). Also, see help ftools for the detailed documentation.

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