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Hitchhiker - a Restful Api test tool

  •    TypeScript

Hitchhiker Api is a Restful Api integrated testing tool that support Schedule, Response comparsion, Stress Test, support upload js file to hook request, easy to deploy it in your local server. It make easier to manage Api with your team.

evelium - A matrix chat client to facilitate communication amoung communities, organizations, and individuals

  •    TypeScript

Evelium is currently in alpha/development, therefore it may be missing major features or feel incomplete. Node 8 and npm 5 are required to build Evelium.

vscode-slack - :speech_balloon: Slack extension for Visual Studio Code

  •    TypeScript

This extension is not created by, affiliated with, or supported by Slack Technologies, Inc. You can install this extension by pressing F1 in Visual Studio Code, then typing "ex install" and selecting it from the list.

vscode-chat - Send and receive chat inside Visual Studio Code. Supports Slack and Discord. 💬

  •    TypeScript

Are you a Slack workspace admin? Approve this app for your team. Team Chat is a light-weight companion chat for VS Live Share, without any dependency on an existing backend like Slack or Discord.

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