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aws-serverless-auth-reference-app - Serverless reference app and backend API, showcasing authentication and authorization patterns using Amazon Cognito, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and AWS IAM

  •    TypeScript

SpaceFinder is a reference mobile app that allows users to book conference rooms, work desks, and other shared resources. The app showcases serverless authentication and authorization using the AWS platform.The mobile front-end is built using the Ionic 3 framework and client libraries to call AWS services and mobile backend APIs. The backend APIs themselves are powered by AWS services. The backend APIs are built using a serverless architecture, which makes it easy to deploy updates, and it also means that there are no servers to operationally manage.

cognito-proxy-rest-service - Moving the Amazon Cognito functionality down the stack to the backend

  •    Kotlin

It's a set of AWS Lambda functions that, once deployed using the provided SAM template, act as an Amazon Cognito proxy. You need to already have or create a new Cognito User Pool. For migration purposes, you might want to disable the email/phone verification, otherwise every newly-created user will receive an email with a confirmation code.