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cog - Bringing the power of the command line to chat

  •    Elixir

Cog brings the power of the command line to the place you collaborate with your team all the time -- your chat window. Powerful access control means you can collaborate around even the most sensitive tasks with confidence. A focus on extensibility and adaptability means that you can respond quickly to the unexpected, without your team losing visibility.

laravel-ban - Laravel Ban simplify blocking and banning Eloquent models.

  •    PHP

Use case is not limited to User model, any Eloquent model could be banned: Organizations, Teams, Groups and others. The package will automatically register itself. This step required for Laravel 5.4 or earlier releases only.

laravel-love - It lets people express how they feel about the content

  •    PHP

This package is a fork of the abandoned Laravel Likeable. It completely changes package namespace architecture, aimed to API refactoring and adding new features. First, pull in the package through Composer.

youtrack-rest-php - JetBrains YouTrack REST API PHP Client

  •    PHP

YouTrack REST API PHP Client uses PSR-7 (HTTP Message Interface) to connect with JetBrains YouTrack REST API. Part of the PHP YouTrack SDK.

laravel-eloquent-flag - Laravel Eloquent boolean & timestamp flagged attributes behavior.

  •    PHP

Any entity can has more than one flag at the same time. If flags can't work for the same entity simultaneously they are listed in Conflict column. Eloquent Flag is an easy way to add flagged attributes to eloquent models. All flags has their own trait which adds global scopes to desired entity.

laravel-optimus - Transform your internal id's to obfuscated integers based on Knuth's integer hash.

  •    PHP

Laravel wrapper for the Optimus Library by Jens Segers with multiple connections support. Optimus is a small open-source library that generates short, unique, non-sequential ids from numbers. With this library, you can transform your internal id's to obfuscated integers based on Knuth's integer hash. It is similar to Hashids, but will generate integers instead of random strings. It is also super fast. First, pull in the package through Composer.

laravel-whoops-editor - Laravel Whoops Editor helps to open your code editor from exception stack trace

  •    PHP

This feature was introduced in Laravel 5.5.25, but unfortunately has issues on Linux machines. Laravel Whoops Editor fixes PHPStorm, IDEA and SublimeText Linux support. Additionally allows you to open editor when using Homestead.

laravel-youtrack-sdk - Laravel wrapper for the YouTrack PHP Software Development Kit provides set of tools to interact with JetBrains YouTrack

  •    PHP

Laravel wrapper for the PHP YouTrack SDK library provides set of tools to interact with JetBrains YouTrack Issue Tracking and Project Management software. The preferred method is via composer. Follow the installation instructions if you do not already have composer installed.

yii2-google-analytics - Google Analytics Universal tracking widget.

  •    PHP

This extension provides easy way to add Universal Analytics tracking in your Yii2 application. The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

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