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  •    Javascript

Online code editor geared to people teaching and learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

interactive-coding-challenges - Interactive Python coding interview challenges (algorithms and data structures)

  •    Python

Overhauled to now include 120 challenges and solutions and added Anki flashcards.Also included are unit tested reference implementations of various data structures and algorithms.

learn-with-open-source - 借助开源项目,学习软件开发

  •    Shell

This book uses GitBook to build. Welcome! Join us to finish this book.

codecombat - Game for learning how to code.

  •    CoffeeScript

NOTE: The process for setting up the dev environment has changed. Please refer to the docs for details. It's both a startup and a community project, completely open source under the MIT and Creative Commons licenses. It's the largest open source CoffeeScript project by lines of code, and since it's a game (with really cool tech), it's really fun to hack on. Join us in teaching the world to code! Your contribution will go on to show millions of players how cool programming can be.

emmet - The essential toolkit for web-developers

  •    CSS

Emmet (formerly Zen Coding) is a web-developer’s toolkit that can greatly improve your HTML & CSS workflow. With Emmet, you can type CSS-like expressions that can be dynamically parsed, and produce output depending on what you type in the abbreviation. Emmet is developed and optimised for web-developers whose workflow depends on HTML/XML and CSS, but can be used with programming languages too.

website - Coding Train website

  •    Javascript

Hello and welcome to the GitHub repo for The Coding Train website! This houses all of the content at thecodingtrain.com as well as source code for corresponding videos. The site welcomes contributions from the community in a variety of ways! More informations at CONTRIBUTING.md.

awesome-algorithm - Leetcode 题解 (跟随思路一步一步撸出代码) 及经典算法实现

  •    Python

If you are a newbie of Git, please check this tutorial we have made. Please note, this repository is inspired from KrisYu, and here is the approve letter. However, it has been modified, added and improved to reflect our knowledge, wisdom and efforts.

telegram-list - List of telegram groups, channels & bots // Список интересных групп, каналов и ботов телеграма // Список чатов для программистов


Список интересных групп, каналов и ботов телеграма. Чаты Telegram для программистов и разработчиков, гиков, айтишников, сисадминов и девопсов, а также прочих неравнодушных к компьютерам и программированию.

devportfolio - A lightweight, customizable single-page personal portfolio website template built with JavaScript and Sass

  •    CSS

This repo contains an easy-to-customize personal dev portfolio template that was created with Sass and JavaScript. It is lightweight and fully responsive, as well as comes with the Bootstrap grid system and loaded with Font Awesome. The site is static and comes production ready if you just want to add your information and go. Alternatively, you can edit styles, colours, and scripts fairly easily. The site was built as modular as possible to make it easy to shift around styles and content. To view a live demo, click here.

awesome-leetcode - Leetcode 题解 (跟随思路一步一步撸出代码) 及经典算法实现

  •    Python

Please note, this repository is inspired from KrisYu, and here is the approve letter. However, it has been modified, added and improved to reflect our knowledge, wisdom and effort.

magical_universe - Awesome Python features explained using the world of magic

  •    Python

As outlined in my blog post, I decided to take on a new habit using a technique I found on the 'get disciplined' subreddit. As one of my new habits I chose: "Code for 15 minutes every day". As part of the habit I've started creating a series of blog posts on important and awesome Python features, including object oriented programming, properties, function annotations, duck typing, etc.

the-coding-interview - Programming exercises, code katas and puzzles for your job interview training - or just for fun

  •    Python

I honestly did not expect the big amount of interest in the project. I should clean up a bit more... Anyway, the main purpose is doing some fun programming workouts from time to time to stay in shape. The awesome title image was Designed by Freepik.

LeetCode - Leetcode 题解 (跟随思路一步一步撸出代码) 及经典算法实现

  •    Python

Please note, this repository is inspired from KrisYu, and here is the approve letter. However, it has been modified, added and improved to reflect our knowledge, wisdom and effort.

brackets-emmet - Emmet plugin for Brackets editor

  •    Javascript

After the extension installation is completed, you should see Emmet menu item with all available actions. All available keybindings are defined in keymap.json.

robotopia - :robot: Introducing kids to coding with tiny virtual robots!

  •    Javascript

Robotopia is a browser based programming environment for kids and young adults. The goal is to introduce kids to basic programming concepts with cute little robots. Here is a short guide to get you started if you're interested in using our tool to organize your own coding events.

WebIDE-Frontend - WebIDE 前端项目

  •    Javascript

This repo contains frontend code of the Coding WebIDE Community Edition. Please refer to the WebIDE repo for instruction on running the whole project. We strongly recommend yarn as your package manager, it will certainly save you from lots of npm induced headache ;-) If you don't have yarn installed yet, install it globally by running.

coding-interviews - 🎓 :octocat: Preparation resources for software and web technical interviews

  •    Javascript

This is a list of concepts it is important to learn in order to coding interviews at big companies and for jobs with really technical teams. Not all companies interview this way but many do or at least include CS fundamental and puzzle questions as part of their processes. Preparing for these types of interviews can be challenging and tedious. I created this repo as a collection of resources to help better understand where these questions come from. There are tons of resources out there so if you are looking to crack the coding interview, well, definitely read cracking the coding interview (links below) and review some of the sites and concepts below. I also recommend interviewing.io for doing live practice interviews to get you prepared.


  •    Python

ci_edit is a text editor. It can help you view or edit text files.ci_edit runs in the command line (also called the terminal). To start using ci_edit, download ci_edit and open (execute) ci.py.

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