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elements-of-python-style - Goes beyond PEP8 to discuss what makes Python code feel great


This document goes beyond PEP8 to cover the core of what I think of as great Python style. It is opinionated, but not too opinionated. It goes beyond mere issues of syntax and module layout, and into areas of paradigm, organization, and architecture. I hope it can be a kind of condensed "Strunk & White" for Python code. ... but, be flexible on naming and line length.

atom-standardjs-snippets - :zap: A collection of JavaScript snippets for Atom, Standard Style

  •    CoffeeScript

A collection of ES6 standardjs code style snippets for faster JavaScript development in Atom Editor.For example, .fe renders a chain-friendly version of the "forEach" snippet, while fe renders a full code block.

AndroidCodeStyle - Android code style settings for Android Studio at grandcentrix

  •    Shell

Just run the install script. It will automatically copy the latest Code Style to each existing AndroidStudio and AndroidStudioPreview version you have installed. If the codestyle is added to the git repository and IntelliJ is configured accordingly each project can have it's own style.

css-sniffer - Static code analyses for CSS and LESS.

  •    PHP

The CSS sniffer is build to help improve (and maintain) a consistent code style in CSS and LESS files. It will reduce time figure out another style by enforcing rules. So no longer worrying about tabs vs. spaces, single vs. double quotes or 3 of 6 hex values for colors. Simply run the tool and you will get the following output.

esformatter-jsx - esformatter plugin: format jsx files (or js files with Facebook React JSX Syntax)

  •    Javascript

Esformatter-jsx is a plugin for esformatter meant to allow the code formatting of jsx files or js files with React code blocks, using js-beautify to beautify the "html like" syntax of the react components. Use at your own risk. I have tested this against complex JSX structures and seems to be workfing fine, but bugs might appear, so don't blame me :). It works for my main use case and I hope it works for you too.

ckstyle-node - Nodejs version of CSS CheckStyle

  •    Javascript

Parse & Check & Format & Comb & Compress CSS, and more ...

esformatter-braces - Esformatter plugin for enforcing braces around statements

  •    Javascript

Esformatter-braces is a plugin for esformatter meant for brace enforcement around statements. Recommended by Douglas Crockford in his coding style guide. For any other formatting (such as braces placement, spacing and line wrapping) use esformatter or other plugins.

SwiftCodestyle - Style guide for writing in Swift.

  •    Shell

Краткость кода не является основной целью. Код должен быть кратким только в том случае, если другие важные качества кода (такие как читаемость, простота и ясность) остаются равными или улучшаются. Вы можете добавить эти настройки воспользовавшись этим скриптом, как вариант, его вызов можно добавить в "Run Script" build phase.