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algos - Popular Algorithms and Data Structures implemented in popular languages

  •    Java

Community (college) maintained list of Algorithms and Data Structures implementations. See CONTRIBUTING.md.

ColorPicker [SA:MP]


ColorPicker [SA:MP] is a simple tool that generates: - PAWN Hex Color Codes (useful for SAMP Scripts); - ARGB Color Codes; - HTML Color Codes; It's developed in C#.

http-responses - Node.js Middleware for standardizing the way you send HTTP response statuses.

  •    Javascript

Middleware for standardizing the way you send HTTP response statuses. Prevents inconsistencies in your code by standardizing the way you handle sending HTTP response statuses and bodies.

node-status-codes - Node.js `http.STATUS_CODES` ponyfill

  •    Javascript

The built-in list of HTTP status codes differ between Node.js versions, so this is a good way to make sure it's consistent. Will be kept up to date with latest Node.js.

node-http-status - Constants enumerating the HTTP status codes

  •    Javascript

Constants enumerating the HTTP status codes. Based on the Java Apache HttpStatus API.All status codes defined in RFC1945 (HTTP/1.0), RFC2616 (HTTP/1.1), RFC2518 (WebDAV), RFC6585 (Additional HTTP Status Codes), and RFC7538 (Permanent Redirect) are supported.

http.cat - :cat: HTTP Cats API

  •    HTML

This is the static site that is hosted at https://http.cat. The code for the older version hosted at the heroku platform is at the http-status-cats-api repo.

iso639-js - ISO-639 language codes for use in javaScript applications

  •    HTML

The main file is quite large, and will become larger with every added locale, so I suggest to use only required locale(s) in production apps.

currency-codes - Node.js module to work with currency codes based on ISO 4217

  •    Javascript

A node.js module to list and work on currency codes based on the ISO 4217 standard.


  •    Javascript

Notice that I am not the author of the code, I am just the creator of an npm module out of the great library from https://code.google.com/p/bwip-js/.

nginx-json-errors - make nginx return errors in json format

  •    Javascript

In the location directive above, this requires to have the https://github.com/openresty/headers-more-nginx-module module installed.

postal-codes - Maps postal codes to polygons

  •    Javascript

Maps postal codes to polygons. Please use the issue tracker to report issues related to this library.

PureBasic-CodeArchiv-Rebirth - A collection of useful codes from the PureBasic forums and other sources

  •    PureBasic

This code archive contains useful codes from the official forums of PureBasic and other sources and presents them in a categorized and quickly accessible format. Each code in the archive is a separate work with its own copyright holders, so it is possible that the codes can have different licenses.

apistatus - API status is a simple tool that checks if an API is online. http://apistatus.org

  •    Javascript

API status is a simple tool to send API requests and retrieve standard response data. Forks and pull requests are most welcomed. Please run npm test before sending a pull request.

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