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Xsd2Code .net class generator from XSD schema


Xsd2Code is a CSharp or Visual Basic Business Entity class Generator from XSD schema.


  •    CSharp

Meta# is a pattern matching library for .net, which includes a flexible grammar language, a visual studio extension and many other tools to help create custom DSLs.

CodeDom Utilities

  •    CSharp

CodeDom Utilities is a project that brings functionality and extensions to ease the coding activities related to CodeDom

.NET Core

  •    DotNet

.NET Core is .NET Library aimed at bringing some basic functionality that is not provided in the framework. It Includes immutable classes and CodeDom Patterns for generating code.

CodeDom Assistant

  •    CSharp

Generating CodeDom Code By Parsing C# or VB ??C#??VB??CodeDom??


  •    Assembly

Dieses Library vereinfacht den Umgang mit dem CodeDOM Compiler.

Expressions to CodeDOM

  •    LINQ

The library helps to create CodeDOM graph and generate code from it. It uses expression trees in form of lambda functions to create CodeDOM tree.


  •    LINQ

LinqTextQueryBuilder makes it easier for developers to build/run dynamic LINQ queries from text at runtime.

wizdl - Web Service GUI Test Tool

  •    CSharp

wizdl is a .NET utility written in C# that allows you to quickly import and test web services within the comfort of a Windows Forms GUI. It supports calling complex web services that take arrays and deeply nested objects as parameters.

Multi mapping generator - NHibernate mapping files generator and WCF contracts


MappingGenerator is an utility tool that helps to automatically generate base templates for NHibernate starting from the assembly that contains the business entities. Obviously generated templates are only a base to start and to have not to completely write by hand the .hbm.xml m