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vscode-checkstyle - Haxe Checkstyle extension for Visual Studio Code

  •    Haxe

A configuration key named haxecheckstyle.sourceFolders holds an array of folder names where checkstyle should run. It defaults to ["src", "Source"], which is the equivalent to passing -s <src> -s <Source> to haxe-checkstyle CLI. Checkstyle will ignore any file not included in sourceFolders. vscode-checkstyle accepts your regular haxe-checkstyle configuration files (checkstyle.json and checkstyle-excludes.json).

php-code-quality - Code Quality scripts that can be run via Composer.

  •    PHP

This package provides code quality scripts that can be run via Composer. The scripts also work on continous integration (CI) servers like Jenkins.

phpstorm-ide-config - My PhpStorm configuration for writing PSR-compatible PHP code

  •    PHP

This is my global configuration for PhpStorm, my favorite IDE for PHP. I have some custom configuration for code styling, inspections and file templates, and I use Git to track these configuration files and to synchronize them between workstations. The code style rules are based on PSR-1, PSR-2 and PSR-12 (which is still a proposal) but I also added some things that are not specified in the PSR guidelines. Feel free to use or fork this repository. Note that I use PhpStorm 2018.1. I cannot guarantee compatibility with other versions of PhpStorm.