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Fast Code Eclipse Plugin

  •    Java

Fast Code Plugin is a free eclipse plugin designed to help write code faster in Java and Php applications. In Java, it has some special features for applications that uses the well known Spring Framework. It helps to generate code snippets based on fields from arbitrary pojo class or class from any package or files in folder, Generates database templates, Spring config files, Boiler plate classes, Junit test code and lote more.

QMUI_iOS_CodeSnippets - 用于Xcode使用的iOS通用代码片段,其中也包含若干专用于QMUI iOS框架的代码片段。


用于Xcode使用的iOS通用代码片段,其中也包含若干专用于QMUI iOS框架的代码片段。

Code Snippets for Design Patterns


C# Code Snippets for the Gang for Four (GOF) Design Patterns. Shortcut is "dpdesignpatternname", e.g. dpsingleton for Singleton.

Visual Studio 2010 Code Snippets for jQuery

  •    JQuery

Library of code snippets for Visual Studio 2010 to help developers with common jQuery tasks.

presentations - 🗣 A set of personal public presentations and conference talks

  •    TeX

I like technical slides to be pretty and often use LaTeX for them. Perhaps, I'm not that good at PowerPoint. I also like to give examples/demos as they clarify the process and explain better than words. Most of the presentations have full examples in this repository and back-up code snippets in slides.

gosnip - Run small snippets of Go code from the command line

  •    Go

Package gosnip is a tool that allows you to run small snippets of Go code from the command line. The gosnip command-line tool is a thin wrapper around the "sniplib" package. To run Go snippets in your Go programs, see the sniplib docs.

gistfy - Code once, share everywhere.

  •    HTML

Gistfy is an easy way to create embeddable code snippets from your GitHub and Bitbucket repositories or your GitHub Gists. Most people have their code on GitHub, Bitbucket or any other kind of version control. Sometimes you want to share your code on a blog, wiki or website. How do you do this? Probably, you copy and paste the code from one service to another, right? Stop doing this. Why? Most of the time you change the code and you need to update all references, right? Is for this that Gistfy was built for. Code once, share everywhere.