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flutter_hooks - React hooks for Flutter

  •    Dart

Hooks are a new kind of object that manages a Widget life-cycles. They exist for one reason: increase the code sharing between widgets and as a complete replacement for StatefulWidget. All widgets that desire to use an AnimationController will have to reimplement almost all of this from scratch, which is of course undesired.

ReactNativeCodeReuseExample - Shows how to organize your code to reuse it as much as possible between Web, iOS and Android

  •    Javascript

I created this application as an example for my article Code sharing between React and React Native applications. It shows how to share code between different platforms (web, iOS and Android) when using React & React Native. It is based on the fact that React Native will detect when a file has a .ios. or .android. extension and load the relevant platform file when required from other components (see Platform-specific extensions). Each platform uses the corresponding index.js file as an entry point. All other code resides in the app directory.