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code-push-server - CodePush service is hot update services which adapter react-native-code-push and cordova-plugin-code-push - 热更新

  •    Javascript

CodePush Server is a CodePush progam server! microsoft CodePush cloud is slow in China, we can use this to build our's. I use qiniu to store the files, because it's simple and quick! Or you can use local storage, just modify config.js file, it's simple configure.

react-native-safe-module - A safe way to consume React Native NativeModules

  •    Javascript

React Native enables a new aspect of mobile development: "Code Push". Code Push provides developers a way to push updates to their JS code base to mobile clients without going through the app store. Since you can code push to older versions of the native client app, this type of deployment creates a new point of failure though: JavaScript code that is incompatible with the native version of the app it's running on.

electrode-ota-desktop - Electrode OTA Desktop Client

  •    Javascript

A GUI for the code-push command line. To Login enter the host running the codepush management server or https://codepush-management.azurewebsites.net to use microsoft's code-push management server.

electrode-ota-server - Electrode Over The Air Server for hot deployment of React Native and Cordova mobile apps

  •    Javascript

The Electrode OTA Server provides a way to hot deploy android and ios React Native™ and Cordova™ apps. The server is API compatible with code-push-cli, the Code Push React Native SDK and the Code Push Cordova SDK. Various bug fixes.

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