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AlterNative - Human-Like translations from .NET assemblies to C++

  •    CSharp

Alter-Native is a source code translator: from high-level language to native language (C++). It provides a tool to easy port applications from high-level languages such as .NET to native languages like C++. Most of the actual systems are C++ compatible, thus if the application is ported to this language, it can be executed in several platforms (i.e. smartphones, tablets, embedded systems and computers).

Kodgen - C++ Parser and Code generator

  •    C++

Kodgen is a C++17 library based on libclang. It provides tools to parse C++ source files, extract data from it, and generate files from the parsed data. The C++ entities parsed in the current implementation are namespaces, structs/classes, non-member and member variables, non-member and member functions, enums and enum values.