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WordPress-iOS - WordPress for iOS - Official repository

  •    Swift

At the moment WordPress for iOS requires Swift 3.0 and Xcode 9.0 or newer. Previous versions of Xcode can be downloaded from Apple. We use SwiftLint to enforce a common style for Swift code. The app should build and work without it, but if you plan to write code, you are encouraged to install it. No commit should have lint warnings or errors.

LEETheme - 优雅的主题管理库- 一行代码完成多样式切换

  •    Objective-C

优点:直观 清晰, 编码时可随初始化控件编写完成, 不影响编码思路. 缺点:每个主题的设置固定, 不支持新主题的设置.

AztecEditor-iOS - A reusable native iOS visual HTML text editor component.

  •    Swift

Aztec is a Swift library that provides a UITextView subclass with HTML visual-editing capabilities. Once Carthage finishes, you should open the file Aztec.xcworkspace from the root directory of Aztec.