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PHFComposeBarView - Compose bar from iOS 7 Messages.app

  •    Objective-C

More screenshots: without text and with text. This is a precise reconstruction of the compose bar from the iOS Messages.app, mimicking the behaviors and graphics while also allowing you to customize many aspects of it.

FDWaveformView - Reads an audio file and displays the waveform

  •    Swift

FDWaveformView is an easy way to display an audio waveform in your app. It is a nice visualization to show a playing audio file or to select a position in a file. To use it, add an FDWaveformView using Interface Builder or programmatically and then just load your audio as per this example. Note: if your audio file does not have file extension, see this SO question.

PinLayout - Fast Swift Views layouting without auto layout

  •    Swift

Extremely Fast views layouting without auto layout. No magic, pure code, full control and blazing fast. Concise syntax, intuitive, readable & chainable. PinLayout can layouts UIView, NSView and CALayer. 📌 PinLayout is actively updated. So please come often to see latest changes. You can also Star it to be able to retrieve it easily later.

Fusuma - Instagram-like photo browser and a camera feature with a few line of code in Swift.

  •    Swift

Fusuma is a Swift library that provides an Instagram-like photo browser with a camera feature using only a few lines of code. You can use Fusuma instead of UIImagePickerController. It also has a feature to take a square-sized photo. Download and drop the 'Classes' folder into your Xcode project.

react-native-device-info - Device Information for React Native iOS and Android

  •    Javascript

Device Information for React Native. For iOS users using Pods You still need to run pod install after running the above link command inside your IOS folder.

AIFlatSwitch - Nicely animated flat design switch alternative to UISwitch

  •    Swift

A smooth, nice looking and IBDesignable flat design switch for iOS. Can be used instead of UISwitch. Embedded frameworks require a minimum deployment target of iOS 8.

LoginKit - LoginKit is a quick and easy way to add a Login/Signup UX to your iOS app.

  •    Swift

LoginKit is a quick and easy way to add Facebook and email Login/Signup UI to your app. If you need to quickly prototype an app, create an MVP or finish an app for a hackathon, LoginKit can help you by letting you focus on what makes your app special and leave login/signup to LoginKit. But if what you really want is a really specific and customized login/singup flow you are probably better off creating it on your own.LoginKit handles Signup & Login, via Facebook & Email. It takes care of the UI, the forms, validation, and Facebook SDK access. All you need to do is start LoginKit, and then make the necessary calls to your own backend API to login or signup.

DatePickerCell - 📅 Inline/Expanding date picker for table views.

  •    Swift

📅 Inline/Expanding date picker for table views. See the included example (ViewController.swift) for usage.

XestiMonitors - An extensible monitoring framework written in Swift

  •    Swift

The XestiMonitors framework provides more than sixty fully-functional monitor classes right out of the box that make it easy for your app to detect and respond to many common system-generated events. Among other things, you can think of XestiMonitors as a better way to manage the most common notifications (primarily on iOS and tvOS). At present, XestiMonitors provides “wrappers” around nearly all UIKit notifications (see UIKit Monitors) and many Foundation notifications (see Foundation Monitors).

CollectionAndTableViewCompatible - A set of Swift protocols and Xcode snippets that will make it easy to do clean UITableView code

  •    Swift

CollectionAndTableViewCompatible provides the boilerplate code needed for writing UITableViewDataSource and UICollectionViewDataSource implementations. In fact, when using the classes provided here, in most cases you wont have to write these implementations at all. Weather you are creating a new data source from scratch or you need to refactor old code that is getting hard to maintain you can probably benefit from adding CollectionAndTableViewCompatible to your project.

GhostTypewriter - A UILabel subclass that adds a ghost type writing animation effect.

  •    Swift

A UILabel subclass that adds a type writing animation effect. The interesting thing about this pod is that the characters will not jump around as they are animated onto the screen instead the characters will be animated onto the screen in their final position - this is especially important for multiple line text as the jump can be very visually displeasing. This pod was inspired by the following post here.

salsa - A tool for exporting iOS components into Sketch 📱💎

  •    Swift

Salsa is an open source library that renders iOS views and exports them into a Sketch file. We built Salsa to help bridge the gap between design and engineering in an effort to create a single source of truth for visual styling of UI. Running Salsa inside of an iOS simulator will output two things into a specified directory: a .salsa file and an images folder. You can then pass these two inputs into the salsa command line tool to compile them into a .sketch file.

CollapsibleTableSectionViewController - :tada: Swift library to support collapsible sections in a table view

  •    Swift

Swift library to support collapsible sections in a table view. Asks the data source to return the number of sections in the table view. Default is 1.

QuizKit - ⁉️ A framework for developing local or remote quiz apps for iOS or tvOS

  •    Swift

QuizKit was built to enable rapid development of local or remote quiz apps. It allows for quizzes to be constructed from JSON and supports multiple question types. It handles randomisation of questions, sessions, and scoring. It works great on iOS and tvOS.

Karte - 🗺 Conveniently launch directions in other iOS apps

  •    Swift

Small library for opening a location or route in other popular iOS navigation apps. Currently supported are Apple Maps, Google Maps, Citymapper, Transit, Lyft, Uber, Navigon, Waze, DB Navigator, Yandex.Navi and Moovit.

authorize-me - Authorization with social networks

  •    Swift

AuthorizeMe is a mobile library for iOS that designed to easy implementation of authorization with social networks. This repository holds the source code that contain a set of providers that implement the functionality needed to get credentials and information about user from various social services. Firstly, import AuthorizeMe framework into class in Xcode project.


  •    Objective-C

RNSync is a React Native module that allows you to work with your Cloudant or CouchDB database locally (on the mobile device) and replicate to the remote database when needed. RNSync is a wrapper for Cloudant Sync, which simplifies large-scale mobile development by enabling you to create a single database for every user; you simply replicate and sync the copy of this database in Cloudant with a local copy on their phone or tablet. This can reduce round-trip database requests with the server. If there’s no network connection, the app runs off the database on the device; when the network connection is restored, Cloudant re-syncs the device and server.

PersistentStorageSerializable - Swift library that makes easier to serialize the user's preferences (app's settings) with system User Defaults or Property List file on disk

  •    Swift

PersistentStorageSerializable is a protocol for automatic serialization and deserialization of Swift class, struct or NSObject descendant object into and from User Defaults or Property List file. The adopting type properties must be of property list type (String, Data, Date, Int, UInt, Float, Double, Bool, Array or Dictionary of above). If you want to store any other type of object, you should typically archive it to create an instance of Data. The URL properties can be stored in User Defaults storage but not in Plist storage. In the last case, you have to archive it to/from Data.

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