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fosscad-repo - Official FOSSCAD Library Repository

  •    OpenSCAD

This pack is a collection of the newest FOSSCAD CAD files including all previous Megapacks, i.e., Megapacks 4.2 (Saito), 4,3 (Tetsuo), 4.4 (Raiden), 4.5 (Otacon), 4.6 (Tachikoma) and 4.7 (Aramaki). This Megapack hence replaces all previous Megapacks. These files are not being released by Defense Distributed or DEFCAD Incorporated.

CNC Studio


Simple highlighted G code editor with preview. Developed for educational purposes.

g2 - g2core - The Next Generation

  •    C++

g2core master is the stable branch. New features are developed in feature branches and merged into the edge branch, and after thorough testing are merged here to master. For production uses we recommend using this master branch. For the adventurous (or developers wishing to lend a hand), we have the edge branch. It is not guaranteed to be stable, but we do our best to achieve this.


  •    Javascript

turn an svg into gcode

node-gcode - GCode interpreter and simulator for node.js

  •    Javascript

Most of the function of this interpreter is derived from the NIST G-code standard. The data returned by the parseFile callback is a list of G-code blocks, where each block is an object with a num property (the G-code line number) and a words property (the list of G-code words in that block) Each G-code word is a list of two items, the word letter (G, M, X,Y,Z, etc.) and the word argument. Word arguments are typically numbers, but the parser supports full expressions, including parameter values, so in the event that an expression or parameter value is provided, an expression-tree-like object is returned that must be evaluated. Currently, this is left as an exercise for the reader.

gcanvas - CNC milling with HTML5 canvas

  •    Javascript

An HTML5 Canvas implementation that generates Gcode for 4 axis CNC milling. First make sure you have nodejs installed.

svg2gcode - Convert SVG to Gcode

  •    Javascript

A command line utility for converting SVG to Gcode using Gcanvas and canvg. First make sure you have nodejs installed.

stmbl - AC Servo Driver for STM32F4

  •    C

THE AUTHORS OF THIS SOFTWARE ACCEPT ABSOLUTELY NO LIABILITY FOR ANY HARM OR LOSS RESULTING FROM ITS USE. IT IS EXTREMELY UNWISE TO RELY ON SOFTWARE ALONE FOR SAFETY. Any machinery capable of harming persons must have provisions for completely removing power from all motors, etc, before persons enter any danger area. All machinery must be designed to comply with local and national safety codes, and the authors of this software can not, and do not, take any responsibility for such compliance. This software is released under the GPLv3.

projects - Small projects not worthy of dedicated repositories

  •    Jupyter

Misc projects. Electronics, physical/mechanical, software. 3d-models, schematics, scripts.

mk - LinuxCNC / Machinekit + EtherCAT Notizen

  •    Python

LinuxCNC / Machinekit + EtherCAT Notizen

cncwebsim - A cnc web simulator

  •    Javascript

A CNC simulator for web browser. Written in javascript, css3, and html5. CNC web simulator is capable of generating tool path and also the final 3D workpiece for Lathe, Mill and 3D printer machines. The controller is based on the Grbl. It runs on web browsers with support to WebGL 1 and html5, which means you are able to run on desktop computer, tablets and smartphones without any installation. Go to http://filipecaixeta.com.br/cncwebsim/, choose a machine and your workpiece settings then you can start typing your g-code.

Deepnest - An open source nesting application for laser cutters, plasma cutters and other CNC machines

  •    Javascript

An open source nesting application for laser cutters, plasma cutters and other CNC machines

octoprint-grbl-plugin - Simple GRBL support for Octoprint

  •    Python

This plugin lets you use Grbl based CNC machines with OctoPrint. NOTE: You still need to set a few more settings after installing this plugin to make it work. See below.

f-engrave - Packaging of Scorchworks F-Engrave as an OSX Application

  •    Python

F-Engrave generates 'GCODE' for Computer Numerical Control (CNC) systems from text and bitmaps. It "Suppoprts Engraving and V-Carving, Uses CXF and TTF fonts, Imports DXF and Bitmap images". This fork is merely to add packaging for OSX systems, creating a clickable 'Applicaion' that can be installed on any OSX system. This eliminates having to run F-Engrave from a Terminal prompt.

cnc-arduino-nodejs-electronjs - proyecto router cnc casero con arduino y nodejs, sin drivers A4988 sin usar GRBL

  •    Javascript

Este proyecto lo emprendimos con mi padre. Uso librerías de tercero como Serialport, ElectronJS, AngularJS, jQuery, Semantic-ui (CSS) y VisJS. El código del Arduino es de mi autoría, Use Arduino IDE v1.6.13. La parte electrónica y la mecánica realizada conjuntamente. Apartir de una imagen genra el codigo para poder realizar el trabajo, si tienes una imgane svg puedes usar JScut (medidas en milímetros) para obtener un GCode funcional.

Cetus - Full-featured user interface for Machinekit

  •    QML

Full-featured remote user interface for Machinekit based on QtQuickVcp. For more information on how to use Cetus please read the QtQuickVcp documentation.

QtQuickVcp - A Virtual Control Panel for Machinekit written in Qt/C++/QML

  •    C++

A remote UI implementation for Machinekit written in Qt/C++/QML. More info... You can find rolling releases of the MachinekitClient and the QtQuickVcp library below. Stable releases have been dropped in favor of continuous deployment to decrease maintenance effort.

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