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Pimcore - The leading enterprise platform for CMS/CMF, MDM, PIM, DAM and E-Commerce

  •    PHP

The Pimcore PIM module provides the world's only enterprise PIM without software cost, centralizing all your product data independently from the channel. Pimcore makes it fast and easy to manage product information. It can integrate, consolidate, and manage any type and any amount of digital data. Provide the data to any channel such as commerce, mobile apps, print, digital signage.

ZKEACMS - ZKEACMS for .Net Core (.Net Core CMS)可视化设计在线编辑内容管理系统

  •    CSharp

If you're still using .net core 2.2, click here. ZKEACMS is a visual design, WYSIWYG Content Management System.

CMSeeK - CMS Detection and Exploitation suite - Scan WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and 130 other CMSs

  •    Python

A content management system (CMS) manages the creation and modification of digital content. It typically supports multiple users in a collaborative environment. Some noteable examples are: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. CMSeeK is built using python3, you will need python3 to run this tool and is compitable with unix based systems as of now. Windows support will be added later. CMSeeK relies on git for auto-update so make sure git is installed.

twill - Twill is an open source CMS toolkit for Laravel that helps developers rapidly create a custom admin console that is intuitive, powerful and flexible — We're hiring a Laravel engineer: https://area17

  •    PHP

Twill is an open source Laravel package that helps developers rapidly create a custom CMS that is beautiful, powerful, and flexible. By standardizing common functions without compromising developer control, Twill makes it easy to deliver a feature-rich admin console that focuses on modern publishing needs. Twill is an AREA 17 product. It was crafted with the belief that content management should be a creative, productive, and enjoyable experience for both publishers and developers.

Directus - A headless CMS, API driven content management framework

  •    PHP

Directus is a database API and "headless" CMS. Unlike traditional CMS that encompass your entire project codebase, the decoupled approach of Directus offers an API and SDKs to connect your content to: websites, native apps, kiosks, IoT devices, or any other data-driven projects. Directus makes no assumptions about how you should architect your database – giving you complete freedom to optimize structure and performance for projects of any size or complexity.


  •    CSharp

This is a complete rewrite of Piranha CMS for NetStandard. The goal of this rewrite is to create a version capable of targeting multiple platforms & frameworks with minimal depenencies, but still provide a flexible & high performance CMS library.The core library that contains all data management, repositories, client models and extensibility features. In a way, everything you need to integrate Piranha into your existing solution.

lyniconanc - Lynicon CMS for ASP.Net Core for .Net Standard 2.0/1.1 and .Net 4.6.1/4.6

  •    CSharp

Now we believe the most powerful CMS on .Net Core. In tune with the .Net Core philosophy, Lynicon is a composable and unopinionated CMS which is lightweight and low impact yet full featured. It supports fully structured content defined as C# classes which can have properties which are subtypes or lists. Generally it maps one content item to a page. It has no assumed tree structure for content, content relationship is defined by foreign key fields as in a relational database, with built-in facilities for traversing these relationships in both directions. Content navigation is done via a powerful filtering/search system, or via the site itself.

Bittytorrent - Bittytorrent – Ultimate Php Bittorrent CMS

  •    PHP

Bittytorrent is a bittorrent tracker, this is a script that allows you to deploy a website for sharing torrents. Its bittorrent php tracker. To begin, send your file on ftp and open your browser to the selected domain name, you should see the installation page. Follow the installation instructions.

trusty-cms - TrustyCMS is a modern, Ruby on Rails-driven CMS that can be extended for any business needs

  •    Ruby

TrustyCMS is a branch of Radiant CMS. Its goal is to pull the Radiant framework into Rails 5 with minimal changes to its infrastructure. TrustyCMS is a no-fluff, open source content management system designed for small teams. It is similar to Textpattern or MovableType, but is a general purpose content management system (not just a blogging engine). TrustyCMS is a Rails engine and is built to be installed into an existing Rails 5 application as a gem.

api - [Beta] Directus 7 API wrapper for custom SQL databases

  •    PHP

The Directus 7 App has been rebuilt from the ground-up in Vue.js and decoupled from our new "versionless" API. Directus is a feature-rich suite of software for managing content in projects of any size. Instances of the Directus API allow you to easily connect pure database content to: websites, native apps, wearables, IoT devices, digital signage, kiosks, etc – while the Directus App allows non-technical users to manage content.

django-fluent-contents - A widget engine to display various content on Django pages

  •    Python

The fluent_contents module offers a widget engine to display various content on a Django page. This engine operates similarly like Django CMS, FeinCMS, Wagtail's streaming field or django-portlets, however, it can be used for any project, or CMS system.

django-fluent-pages - A flexible, scalable CMS with custom node types, and flexible block content.

  •    Python

This is a stand-alone module, which provides a flexible, scalable CMS with custom node types, and flexible block content. For more details, see the documentation at Read The Docs.

django-leonardo - CMS for everyone, easy to deploy and scale, robust modular system with many packages

  •    Python

Full featured platform for fast and easy building extensible web applications. Don't waste your time searching stable solution for daily problems.

mdrip - turns markdown into tested tutorials

  •    Go

mdrip turns a directory hierarchy of markdown files into a testable, tutorial web app. Or just use mdrip to place markdown-based tutorials under CI/CD testing, to avoid disappointing users.

DNN.Blog - The official blog module for the DNN Platform

  •    VB

##Project Description The DotNetNuke® Blog module is an easy to use content publishing module that is tightly integrated with the core DotNetNuke® framework. The module also permits content authoring using off-site tools such as Windows Live Writer. ##How can I help? We regularly get offers for help. The best way to help out right now is to try the module and, if something doesn't work, to try to find out why this happened. This helps us enormously. Then report the issue under "Issues".

Hisar - :european_castle: Hisar: Cross-Platform Modular Component Development Infrastructure

  •    CSharp

The purpose of this framework is that eliminate the monolithic application challenges and allow us to develop component (module) without main application dependency. Thus the component can be run and test as a standalone web application. When you complete development requirements and ready to deploy the component then just pack it or copy the output to the related directory of the main application. MsBuild , NuGet or dotnet pack tools can be used for packaging. In this way, the component will be able to part of the main hosting application and available to upload NuGet or MyGet package repositories.