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cloudinary_angular - Cloudinary Angular client library

  •    TypeScript

The formal Cloudinary Angular SDK to enhance your applications with image and video components powered by Cloudinary

jekyll-cloudinary - Jekyll plugin adding a Liquid tag for Cloudinary, for better responsive images

  •    Ruby

jekyll-cloudinary is a Jekyll plugin adding a Liquid tag to ease the use of Cloudinary for responsive images in your Markdown/Kramdown posts. It builds the HTML for responsive images in the posts, using the srcset and sizes attributes for the <img /> tag (see the "varying size and density" section of this post if this is new for you, and why it's recommended to not use <picture> most of the time). URLs in the srcset are cloudinary URLs that fetch on-the-fly the post's images and resize them to several sizes.

nicolas-hoizey.com - The personal website/blog from Nicolas Hoizey

  •    HTML

See implementation details —in french— in https://nicolas-hoizey.com/a-propos/du-site.html. Open sourced under the MIT license.

cloudder - Cloudinary wrapper for Laravel 5

  •    PHP

Initially forked from https://github.com/teepluss/laravel4-cloudinary. As it doesn't seem to be maintained anymore, and facing the lack of response from the original maitainer (issue opened + pull request opened, last commit on August last year), I decided to create a new fork that I plan on maintaining.

uploading-files-react-node - Uploading files with React.js and Node.js

  •    Javascript

This repo is for my blog Uploading files with React.js and Node.js. Many people found my code exmaples to be confusing, so I created this repo to demo how everthing comestogether. I didn't add redux in this one, but if you want it - let me know.

kap-cloudinary - Kap plugin - Share on Cloudinary

  •    Javascript

In the Kap menu, go to Preferences…, select the Plugins pane, find this plugin, and click Install. In the editor, after recording, select Export GIF, and then Share on Cloudinary.

ember-cli-cloudinary - Ember addon for Cloudinary

  •    Javascript

This component will render an <img> built from a cloudinary url and options. Width and height attributes are set on the img tag as well as passed to cloudinary, allowing you to specify the resolution via the "dpr" attribute.

angular-cloudinary - AngularJS only module to handle Cloudinary image upload and display with no jQuery dependency

  •    Javascript

A module heavily inspired (and copied) by Cloudinary JS and Cloudinary Angular but without any non-angular dependency. Note that you might need to follow ng-file-upload setup instructions as well.

react-cloudinary-uploader - A file uploader in React for uploading the picture to Cloudinary

  •    HTML

React File Uploader for Cloudinary. This React component wraps the Cloudinary Widget.It wraps all the properties of both the widget and the returned results in the state of the React component. ============== You need to include the Cloudinary script at the bottom of your page, but before loading your React app.

vue-cloudinary - A Vue

  •    Javascript

This is a port of the angular-cloudinary library to VueJS. If you need a version for Vue 1, sorry, you'll need to do your own.


  •    Javascript

An amazon-like preview application using cloudinary

scotchgram - Image backend with Cloudinary sample

  •    HTML

Each step has a branch to it, so you can checkout to the branch and preview the step's demo.

pimg - :camera: Mini Image Lazy Loader for P(R)eact and Vue

  •    Javascript

Pimg is a Progessive Image Component For React, Preact and Vue.js. It helps in lazy loading of images in a nice and cool way.