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aws-sdk-smalltalk - AWS SDK for Smalltalk

  •    Smalltalk

The AWS SDK for Pharo Smalltalk enables Smalltalk developers to easily work with Amazon Web Services. You can get started in minutes using Metacello and FileTree.

react-apig-lambda - Render React.js on-demand with CDN caching

  •    Javascript

Render React.js on-demand with CDN caching.Minimal example on how to render React & React Router v4 with Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda and CloudFront.

hubot-cloudfront - A Hubot script to list and invalidate Amazon CloudFront distributions.

  •    CoffeeScript

A Hubot script to list and invalidate Amazon CloudFront distributions.

aws-mobilehub-ember - Serverless example mobile web application for building a Serverless EmberJS based web application using AWS JavaScript SDK, and MobileHub

  •    Javascript

A serverless mobile web application built with EmberJS using import/export as well as Hosting and Streaming functionality from AWS Mobile Hub. This web app utilizes AWS MobileHub for it's backend resource automation and the MobileHub generated aws-config.js for connection properties.For a detailed walkthrough please follow the blog post.

gulp-invalidate-cloudfront - A gulp plugin that allows you to invalidate cloudfront files

  •    Javascript

A gulp plugin to invalidate files in a cloudfront distribution

s3-deploy-website - Deploy website to S3/CloudFront from Python

  •    Python

This is a deployment tool for uploading static websites to S3. If CloudFront is used for hosting the website, the uploaded files can be automatically invalidated in the CloudFront distribution. A prefix tree is used to minimize the number of invalidations since only a limited number of free invalidations are available per month. AWS credentials can be provided through the environment variables AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY.

aws-cloudfront-sign - Utility module for AWS CloudFront

  •    Javascript

Generating signed URLs for CloudFront links is a little more tricky than for S3. It's because signature generation for S3 URLs is handled a bit differently than CloudFront URLs and this functionality is not currently supported by the aws-sdk library for JavaScript. In case you also need to do this, I've created this simple utility to make things easier. ipRange (Optional) - IP address range allowed to make GET requests for your signed URL. This value must be given in standard IPv4 CIDR format (for example,

cloudfront-signer - Ruby gem for signing AWS CloudFront private content URLs and streaming paths.

  •    Ruby

See the CHANGELOG for details of this release. A fork and rewrite started by Anthony Bouch of Dylan Vaughn's aws_cf_signer.

awsm-cloudfront - Define the resources necessary for creating a CloudFront distribution in front of a static S3 bucket and API Gateway endpoints

  •    Javascript

This is an awsm module that puts a CloudFront distribution in front of your JAWS project. First install this module. This takes two commands, first run: npm install --save awsm-cloudfront then run jaws postinstall awsm-cloudfront npm.

grunt-cloudfront - AWS CloudFront cache invalidating grunt.js task based on node.js.

  •    Javascript

Grunt task for invalidating cache on Amazon AWS CloudFront with the official AWS SDK for node.js.

cloudfront-auth - An AWS CloudFront Lambda@Edge function to authenticate requests using Google Apps, Microsoft, and GitHub login

  •    Javascript

Google Apps (G Suite), Microsoft Azure AD, GitHub, and OKTA authentication for CloudFront using Lambda@Edge. The primary use case for cloudfront-auth is to serve private S3 content over HTTPS without running a proxy server to authenticate requests. Upon successful authentication, a cookie (named TOKEN) with the value of a signed JWT is set and the user redirected back to the originally requested path. Upon each request, Lambda@Edge checks the JWT for validity (signature, expiration date, audience and matching hosted domain) and will redirect the user to configured provider's login when their session has timed out.

serverless-plugin-cloudfront-lambda-edge - Adds Lambda@Edge support to Serverless

  •    Javascript

This is a plugin for the Serverless framework that adds support for associating a Lambda function with a CloudFront distribution to take advantage of the new Lambda@Edge features of CloudFront. Unfortunately CloudFormation does not currently support Lambda@Edge. I have opened a ticket with them and hope they will eventually add support for it. Once they do, then the Serverless team can also add support for it (issue here).

caisson - Deploy your static website to AWS

  •    Javascript

I recommend you use AWS SDK for JavaScript in Node.js or AWS Command Line Interface instead. Caisson makes it easy to host and deploy a static website to AWS via the root domain, e.g. http://yoursite.com.

node-cloudfront-log-parser - Parser for CloudFront web and RTMP access logs

  •    Javascript

This is a log parser for Cloudfront Web Distribution and RTMP Distribution access logs. It can be called directly or with the Node.js Stream API. Given a string or Buffer of a log file, the parse function can be called directly, returning an array of parsed log entries.

cloudfront-private-url-creator - Creates and signs private Cloudfront Urls (http, https, and rtmp)

  •    Javascript

If you are using Node 0.10 - 0.12, please use version 1.1.0.

jekyll-template - Template for SEO friendly and performance optimized static website

  •    CSS

A template for Jekyll based static websites with plugins for SEO and Performance. Run bundler to install the dependencies.

gulp-cloudfront-invalidate-aws-publish - A gulp-awspublish plugin that allows you to invalidate paths in AWS cloudfront

  •    Javascript

A gulp plugin that allows you to programmatically invalidate paths in AWS cloudfront. This version invalidates the array of files that were updated, created, or deleted by gulp-awspublish.