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generator-aws - A Yeoman generator that provisions an AWS-powered backend for your HTML5 app

  •    Javascript

From there, pick a template and respond to the prompts. Basically, he wears a top hat, lives in your computer, and waits for you to tell him what kind of application you wish to create.

aws-sdk-perl - A community AWS SDK for Perl Programmers

  •    Perl

This project is attempting to build an entire AWS SDK from the information that is stored in other AWS SDKs. Other AWS SDKs have a "data-driven" approach, meaning that the definitions for the method calls are stored in a data structure describing input and output parameters. If you want to develop a feature, or contribute code in some way, you need a development setup. This is done by cloning the repo into a local directory.

cirrus - Cloudformation management CLI tool

  •    Javascript

Cirrus is a CLI tool for managing cloudformation stacks and templates. This command lists all the existing non-deleted stacks.

serverless-domain-manager - Serverless plugin for managing custom domains with API Gateways.

  •    Javascript

Create custom domain names that your lambda can deploy to with serverless. Allows for base path mapping when deploying and deletion of domain names. Amplify builds innovative and compelling digital educational products that empower teachers and students across the country. We have a long history as the leading innovator in K-12 education - and have been described as the best tech company in education and the best education company in tech. While others try to shrink the learning experience into the technology, we use technology to expand what is possible in real classrooms with real students and teachers.

docker-geth-lb - MyEtherWallet AWS set up

  •    Dockerfile

This project provides a means to quickly deploy public-facing Ethereum nodes using AWS CloudFormation technology. Under the hood we're using Docker, your choice of Geth or Parity, and an instance of ethstats to display real-time information about your deployed nodes.

aws-cfn-custom-resource - A node.js library to help write CloudFormation custom resources.

  •    Javascript

A node.js library to help write CloudFormation custom resources. See examples.

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