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aws-lambda-ffmpeg - An S3-triggered Amazon Web Services Lambda function that runs your choice of FFmpeg 🎬 commands on a file 🎥 and uploads the outputs to a bucket

  •    Javascript

An AWS Lambda Event-driven function that resizes videos and outputs thumbnails using FFmpeg. This function is meant for short-duration videos. If you need to transcode long videos, check out AWS Elastic Transcoder. The different platforms have different naming conventions for their services. To simplify this, listed below is a proposed table of generalized terms that are platform-independent.

hangouts-chat-bot-cloud-function-nodejs-example - Example of a Hangouts Chat Bot on Google Cloud Functions

  •    Javascript

This repo contains a full example of a Google Cloud Function which can server as a bot for Google Hangouts Chat written in NodeJS. The bot is able to authenticate users with their Google account by means of a OAuth 2.0 web flow and acquire permissions for scopes from the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). In this particular example, the bot asks to access Google BigQuery on behalf of the user. The following sections describe how to deploy the bot on Google Cloud Functions and which prior steps are necessary to prepare your GCP project.

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