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cli - The official command line client for Cloud Foundry

  •    Go

Cloud Foundry CLI is the official command line client for Cloud Foundry. Latest help of each command is here (or run cf help); Further documentation is at the docs page for the CLI. If you have any questions, ask away on the #cli channel in our Slack community and the cf-dev mailing list, or open a GitHub issue. You can follow our development progress on Pivotal Tracker.

java-buildpack - Cloud Foundry buildpack for running Java applications

  •    Ruby

The java-buildpack is a Cloud Foundry buildpack for running JVM-based applications. It is designed to run many JVM-based applications (Grails, Groovy, Java Main, Play Framework, Spring Boot, and Servlet) with no additional configuration, but supports configuration of the standard components, and extension to add custom components. The following are very simple examples for deploying the artifact types that we support.

cf-java-client - Java Client Library for Cloud Foundry

  •    Java

The cf-java-client project is a Java language binding for interacting with a Cloud Foundry instance. The project is broken up into a number of components which expose different levels of abstraction depending on need. Both the cloudfoundry-operations and cloudfoundry-client projects follow a "Reactive" design pattern and expose their responses with Project Reactor Monoss and Fluxs.

Samples - Steeltoe Sample Applications

  •    Javascript

All new development is done on the dev branch. More stable versions of the samples can be found on the master branch. If you are looking for documentation on how to use the Steeltoe components, you can find that here.

todo-apps - Sample ToDo application (various languages) running on IBM Cloud

  •    Java

The ToDo sample apps are meant to be simple demos of how you can take advantage of Bluemix and a database service. In addition it shows how to take advantage of both the built-in and community buildpacks to deploy your app using whatever runtime you choose. The ToDo app is pretty simple, it allows you to add an persist ToDos that you need to get done. As you complete different ToDos you can mark them done and eventually delete them from the list. The ToDos are stored in a database.

stratos - Stratos: Web-based Management UI for Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes

  •    TypeScript

Stratos is an Open Source Web-based UI (Console) for managing Cloud Foundry. It allows users and administrators to both manage applications running in the Cloud Foundry cluster and perform cluster management tasks. The work done has been licensed under Apache License 2.0. The license file can be found here.

vault-service-broker - The official HashiCorp Vault broker integration to the Open Service Broker API

  •    Go

This repository provides an implementation of the open service broker API for HashiCorp's Vault. The service broker connects to an existing Vault cluster and can be used by multiple tenants within Cloud Foundry.The HashiCorp Vault Service Broker does not run a Vault server for you. There is an assumption that the Vault cluster is already setup and configured. This Vault server does not need to be running under Cloud Foundry, OpenShift, Kubernetes, etc, but it must be accessible from within those environments or wherever the broker is deployed.

cf-services-connector-nodejs - A Cloud Foundry v2 service API compatible service broker implementation in Node

  •    Javascript

This library provides a broker implementation to develop any custom service on top of any Cloud Foundry based system.The connector was written with the ideology of being super portable, lightweight, simple to use, and to take advantage of the node.js module ecosystem. It allows for any service to be written in pure Node.js with minimal external dependencies and memory footprint.

minio-boshrelease - Minio release for http://bosh.io/

  •    HTML

BOSH allows users to easily version, package and deploy software in a reproducible manner. This repo provides BOSH release of Minio Object Storage Server. You can use this release to deploy Minio in standalone, single-node mode as well as in distributed mode on multiple nodes.Upload minio release to the bosh director.

meta-azure-service-broker - A service broker to manage multiple Azure services in Cloud Foundry

  •    Javascript

Cloud Foundry on Azure is generally available. If you want to try it, please follow the guidance.You need an Azure account. With the account, you need to prepare a service principal and SQL Database on Azure which will be used in the deployment of the service broker. For the service offerings and plans, please refer to each specific service.

grootfs - Garden root file system

  •    Go

Note: This repository should be imported as code.cloudfoundry.org/grootfs. GrootFS is the Cloud Foundry component that provides filesystem isolation for containers and deals with container (Docker and OCI) images.

stratos - Stratos Cloud Foundry Console

  •    TypeScript

NOTE We have migrated to our Cloud Foundry Stratos Repo (branched as v2-master). No further dev work will be carried out in this repo. Stratos is an Open Source Web-based UI (Console) for managing Cloud Foundry. It allows users and administrators to both manage applications running in the Cloud Foundry cluster and perform cluster management tasks.

bosh-bootloader - Command line utility for standing up a BOSH director on an IAAS of your choice.

  •    Go

Also known as bbl (pronounced: "bubble"), bosh-bootloader is a command line utility for standing up a CloudFoundry or Concourse installation on an IAAS. bbl currently supports AWS, GCP and Azure. Openstack and vSphere support are planned. Create the necessary IAAS user/account for bbl.

bosh-softlayer-cpi-release - An external BOSH CPI for the SoftLayer cloud written in Golang

  •    Go

This is a BOSH release for the Softlayer CPI. The latest version for the SoftlLayer CPI release is here. Also, it is already available on bosh.io.

java-buildpack-dependency-builder - Automated building and publication of Java Buildpack dependency artifacts

  •    Java

This project automates the building and publication of Java Buildpack dependency artifacts. NOTE: OpenJDK is the only dependency that is actually built via this repository. For the rest of the dependencies, this repository serves as the automation of caching them in the Java Buildpack's respository.

cfbot - Cloud Foundry Application Monitoring Bot For Slack

  •    Javascript

Cloud Foundry application monitoring bot for Slack. cfbot monitors application events through the CF events API and forwards details to channels it's registered in. Users can configure the applications and events being monitored.

cloud-native-pwas - Cloud Native Progressive Web Apps with Spring Boot and Angular

  •    Shell

Clone this project, start each Spring Boot app, then start the Angular client. To run the client and all the servers, execute ./run.sh, or execute the commands in this file manually.

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