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ZeroC - Internet Communications Engine

  •    C++

The Internet Communications Engine (Ice) is a modern object-oriented middleware with support for C++, .NET, Java, Python, Objective-C, Ruby, and PHP. Its latest release has support for Android and .NET Framework. It helps to build distributed applications easier as it takes care of all interactions with low-level network programming interfaces. It supports cross-language and cross-platform communication.

Wt - A C++ Web toolkit

  •    C++

Wt (pronounced as witty) is a C++ library for developing web applications. The API is widget-centric and uses well-tested patterns of desktop GUI development tailored to the web. To the developer, it offers abstraction of web-specific implementation details, including client-server protocols, event handling, graphics support, graceful degradation (or progressive enhancement), and URL handling.

ecal - eCAL - enhanced Communication Abstraction Layer

  •    C++

The enhanced Communication Abstraction Layer (eCAL) is a middleware that enables scalable, high performance interprocess communication on a single computer node or between different nodes in a computer network. eCAL uses a publish - subscribe pattern to automatically connect different nodes in the network. Visit the eCAL Documentation at 🌐 http://ecal.io for more information.

PB POS System


A small Point of Sales System for Microsoft Windows based computers

Grid-Soccer Simulator


Grid-Soccer Simulator is a multi-agent soccer simulator in a grid-world environment. The environment provides a test-bed for machine-learning, control algorithms, and multi-agent learning especially multi-agent reinforcement learning.

Packet Rush Networking Framework


The Packet Rush Networking Framework (PRNF) provides a client/server networking layer that abstracts away from the underlying communication mechanism such as UDP or TCP.

Fable.Remoting - Type-safe communication (RPC-style) for F# featuring Fable and .NET Apps

  •    F#

Fable.Remoting is a library that enables type-safe client-server communication (RPC) for Fable and .NET Apps. It abstracts away http and lets you think of your client-server interactions only in terms of pure functions and being only a part of the webserver. The library runs everywhere on the backend: As Suave WebPart, as Giraffe/Saturn HttpHandler or any other framework as Asp.net core middleware. On the client you can use Fable or .NET.

spring-server - A framework that enables the swift creation of client-server applications.

  •    C

The goal of this project is to provide a simple and robust framework that enables the swift creation of client-server applications. Two executables, client and server, are provided with this project. They come pre-equipped to easily connect and exchange data over a TCP/IP network socket.

GopherGameServer - Gopher Game Server is a full featured, fast, and fully customizable multiplayer game server API written in Go

  •    Go

Gopher Game Server is designed to provide all necessary tools to greatly ease developments of any type of online game (or any real-time app/chat). Gopher will handle all server-side synchronizing and data type conversions, therefore, client actions receiving, variable setting, messaging, and other functionalities are unproblematic. Moreover, Gopher has a built-in, fully customizable SQL client authentication mechanism that creates and manages users' accounts for you. It even ties in a friending tool, so users can befriend and invite one another to groups, check each other's status, and more. All components are easily configurable and customizable for specific project's needs.

rqs - Solution for fast requirements searching

  •    Java

Please follow this link to see more screenshots on the Wiki. The project may be built using NetBeans. Open the jrqs-app project to build and app, jrqs-tests to perform Selenium tests.

remote-shell - A client-server remote shell implemented in Go using gRPC.

  •    Go

To disconnect from the server, press ctrl+c or type exit (hit enter) and the client will disconnect from the server. This client/server assumes a 12021 port.

cAndroid - cAndroid is tool for control your PC by Android phone

  •    Java

"cAndroid" - Control via Android is tool for controlling PC with android device. This application has created by Sattar Hummatli to provide to the contest "Android Age" which hold by "Hackathon Azerbaijan". Application took third place on competition.

keedoh - Keedoh - An ISO8583 simulator built with Java

  •    Java

Keedoh is a simple ISO8583 simulator built with Java. It has a ISO8583 client which can generate message as well as a server that can be programmed to respond to client messages using a simple groovy script.

orbit - ORBIT - Interlink Remote Applications

  •    Go

Orbit provides a powerful, MIT-licensed networking backend to interlink services. It offers RPC like features and is primarily stateless. It aims to be light-weight and customizable. This project is under heavy development. The API may change at any time.

SimplePythonChatter - A simple chat room application written in Python, GTK and Twisted

  •    Python

A simple chat room application written in Python, GTK and Twisted

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