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doitlive - Because sometimes you need to do it live

  •    Python

doitlive is a tool for live presentations in the terminal. It reads a file of shell commands and replays the commands in a fake terminal session as you type random characters. Requires Python >= 2.7 or >= 3.5 with pip.

fastclick - Polyfill to remove click delays on browsers with touch UIs

  •    HTML

FastClick is a simple, easy-to-use library for eliminating the 300ms delay between a physical tap and the firing of a click event on mobile browsers. The aim is to make your application feel less laggy and more responsive while avoiding any interference with your current logic. FastClick is developed by FT Labs, part of the Financial Times.

Typer - Build great CLIs. Easy to code. Based on Python type hints.

  •    Python

Typer, build great CLIs. Easy to code. Based on Python type hints. Typer is a library for building CLI applications that users will love using and developers will love creating. Based on Python 3.6+ type hints. It is easy to use for the end users. It has automatic help, and automatic completion for all shells.

tap - 1Kb library for easy unified handling of user interactions such as mouse, touch and pointer events

  •    Javascript

Tap is a Javascript library for easy unified handling of user interactions such as mouse, touch and pointer events. Otherwise just download the library.

RxGesture - RxSwift reactive wrapper for view gestures

  •    Swift

To run the example project, clone the repo, in the Example folder open RxGesture.xcworkspace. You might need to run pod install from the Example directory first.

tappy - Tappy! - a lightweight normalized tap event.

  •    CSS

Tappy is a minimal normalized tap event that works with touch, mouse, keyboard, and probably other inputs too. Tappy allows you to bind to a tap event like you would any other user interaction, like click. The advantage of usting Tappy's tap event over click is that it will allow you to execute code immediately on touch devices, eliminating the 300ms delay that click events have on platforms like iOS. Once bound to an element, Tappy's tap event will fire upon touch or other traditional interactions like mouse click, pressing the enter key, and more.

vue-clickaway - Reusable clickaway directive for reusable Vue.js components

  •    Javascript

Sometimes you need to detect clicks outside of the element (to close a modal window or hide a dropdown select). There is no native event for that, and Vue.js does not cover you either. This is why vue-clickaway exists. Please check out the demo before reading further. If you need a version for Vue 1, try vue-clickaway@1.0.

css-ripple-effect - Pure CSS (no JavaScript) implementation of Android Material design "ripple" animation

  •    CSS

Main advantage of this solution is that there is no DOM manipulation in order to create animation. That means this is faster - it doesn't use JavaScript or jQuery to animate. This solution is also implemented in one of the biggest Bootstrap theming libraries Bootswatch in their Materia theme.

react-point - Fast touch events for React

  •    Javascript

react-point gives you fast touch events for your React applications.A <PointTarget> normalizes click and click-like touch events (not swipes or drags) into a "point" event. This helps you avoid the 300ms delay for click events on touch interfaces like iOS.

catch-links - intercept local link clicks on a page

  •    Javascript

This is useful for doing client-side pushState UIs.We'll intercept the relative links <host>/a and <host>/b, printing them. The external link to npmjs.org will go through as usual.

sphinx-click - A Sphinx plugin to automatically document click-based applications

  •    Python

sphinx-click is a Sphinx plugin that allows you to automatically extract documentation from a click-based application and include it in your docs.To document a click-based application, both the application itself and any additional dependencies required by that application must be installed.

tap-listener - Listens to taps

  •    Javascript

On mobile devices, the click event is triggered after a delay. Tap Listener listens for native touch and pointer events to trigger a callback immediately.Used in Flickity.

click-outside - The inverse of the DOM "click" event

  •    HTML

For those times when you want a callback invoked when a DOM element was not clicked, you can use this click-outside module.This module is meant for use client-side via a bundler like browserify.

csvs-to-sqlite - Convert CSV files into a SQLite database

  •    Python

Convert CSV files into a SQLite database. Browse and publish that SQLite database with Datasette. This will create a new SQLite database called mydatabase.db containing a single table, myfile, containing the CSV content.

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