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carbon-now-cli - 🎨 Beautiful images of your code — from right inside your terminal.

  •    Javascript

🎨 Beautiful images of your code — from right inside your terminal. carbon.now.sh by @dawn_labs is a wonderful tool that lets you generate beautiful images of your source code through an intuitive UI, while letting you customize aspects like fonts, themes, window controls and much more.

certificationy-cli - The CLI tool to train certifications

  •    PHP

This is the CLI tool to train on certifications. To install Docker, refer to the official documentation for your operating system: https://docs.docker.com/engine/installation/.

propel - :boat: Keep your favorite starter kits just a command away

  •    Javascript

Certain starter kits I use again and again. But it's always a hassel to keep them bookmarked, to find them when required and then clone to a directory.Propel will remember them and clone to the desired directory for you with a single command. But propel is all about remembering a git repo and cloning it to a directory. Use it for anything you like.

donny - CLI application for retrieving data from Azure DevOps

  •    Go

Other than requiring docker to be installed, there are no other requirements to run the application this way. This is the preferred method of running the donny. The image is here.

hdfs-shell - HDFS Shell is a HDFS manipulation tool to work with functions integrated in Hadoop DFS

  •    Java

Note that paths inside java -cp switch are separated by : on Linux and ; on Windows. Pre-defined launch scripts are located in the zip file. You can modify it locally as needed.

doclt - Digital Ocean Command Line Tool

  •    Javascript

doclt is a command line tool for interacting with Digital Ocean. It presents information in Terminal in a neat, tidy, and visually appealing way. doclt is built with node.js and released on npm. It should work with any version of node.js above 4.3.2. Install it via npm.

imgmin - A CLI tool to optimize images for the internet

  •    Go

Imgmin is cli utility to minify and optimize images for the web. Make sure that $GOPATH is set by running go env.

monkey - @FuzzyMonkeyCo's minion

  •    Go

FuzzyMonkey is an automated API testing service that behaves as your users would and minimizes sequences of calls that lead to a violation of your software's properties. monkey is the official open source client that executes the tests FuzzyMonkey generates.

cmdr - getopt/getopt_long like command-line UI (CLI) golang library. A replacement for go flag

  •    Go

cmdr is a POSIX/GNU style, command-line UI (CLI) Go library. It is a getopt-like parser of command-line options, be compatible with the getopt_long command line UI, which is an extension of the syntax recommended by POSIX. See also Examples, and cmdr-http2 (a http2 server with daemon supports, graceful shutdown).