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Debloat-Windows-10 - A collection of Scripts which disable / remove Windows 10 Features and Apps

  •    PowerShell

Note about Creators Update: These scripts have not been tested with the Creators Update. Anything may happen, be prepared. I'll look into relevant changes and recent issues when the update is released / pushed on to everyone. This project collects Powershell scripts which help to debloat Windows 10, tweak common settings and install basic software components.

FengNiao - A command line tool for cleaning unused resources in Xcode.

  •    Swift

FengNiao is a simple command-line util to deleting unused image resource files from you Xcode project. You need Swift Package Manager (as well as swift compiler) installed in your macOS, generally you are prepared if you have the latest Xcode installed.

del - Delete files and directories

  •    Javascript

Similar to rimraf, but with a Promise API and support for multiple files and globbing. It also protects you against deleting the current working directory and above.Support this project and improve your JavaScript skills with this great ES6 course by Wes Bos. Try his free JavaScript 30 course for a taste of what to expect. You might also like his React and Sublime course.

grunt-contrib-clean - Clear files and folders.

  •    Javascript

This plugin was designed to work with Grunt 0.4.x. If you're still using grunt v0.3.x it's strongly recommended that you upgrade, but in case you can't please use v0.3.2. Run this task with the grunt clean command.

fixpack - A package.json file scrubber for the truly insane.

  •    Javascript

A package.json file scrubber for the truly insane. Fix all indenting to 2 spaces.

ultron - Ultron is high-intelligence robot

  •    Javascript

Ultron is a high-intelligence robot. It gathers intelligence so it can start improving upon his rudimentary design. It will learn your event emitting patterns and find ways to exterminate them. Allowing you to remove only the event emitters that you assigned and not the ones that your users or developers assigned. This can prevent race conditions, memory leaks and even file descriptor leaks from ever happening as you won't remove clean up processes.Just like you would expect, it can also be chained together.

eclean-kernel2 - Reboot of eclean-kernel, now fully modular

  •    C++

Reboot of eclean-kernel, now fully modular

clean-regexp - Clean up regular expressions

  •    Javascript

Text of the regular expression.Flags of the regular expression.

p-cancelable - Create a promise that can be canceled

  •    Javascript

Useful for animation, loading resources, long-running async computations, async iteration, etc.Same as the Promise constructor, but with a prepended onCancel parameter in executor.

should-up - Remove most of the "should" noise from your tests

  •    Javascript

When you run should-up, it'll go through all the files in the directory you specify, cleaning up as many test descriptions as it can. Afterwards, the changes should look something like this.As you can see from the following highly scientific table of data, there's a pretty strong negative correlation between the readability of your test descriptions and the amount of meaningless filler in them.

fork-cleaner - Cleans up old and inactive forks on your github account.

  •    Go

Cleans up old and inactive forks on your GitHub account. You'll need to create a personal access token with repo and delete_repo permissions.

finepack - Organizes and maintains readable your JSON files.

  •    CoffeeScript

Organizes and maintains your JSON files readable. You can use Finepack as a CLI tool or from NodeJS as a library. Based on fixpack but with a little more ♥.

package-cleanup - Nodejs cli app to clean packages before deploy

  •    Javascript

Command-line tool to delete all unnecessary files or copy necessary by gitignore-like patterns. If you need only to copy files use tartifacts instead.

metalsmith-cleanscript - Generates a cleanup bash script.

  •    Javascript

Generates a cleanup script for your metalsmith build. This is useful when your build directory has more than what metalsmith has put in there, so cleaning up is not as simple as 'rm -rf build'. the path you provide will be relative to your build directory, i.e. the return value of metalsmith.build().

macosx-versions-cleaner - A script that scrubs the document version history from OS X systems

  •    Python

A script that scrubs the document version history from OS X systems. Warning: This script deletes all previous versions of all documents for all applications that use OS X document versioning. Please understand what you are doing and confirm that you do not need prior versions before you use this script. A Time Machine backup is highly recommended prior to use.

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