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Purifier - HTMLPurifier for Laravel 5

  •    PHP

A simple Laravel 5 service provider for including the HTMLPurifier for Laravel 5. Update your packages with composer update or install with composer install.

del - Delete files and directories

  •    Javascript

Similar to rimraf, but with a Promise API and support for multiple files and globbing. It also protects you against deleting the current working directory and above.Support this project and improve your JavaScript skills with this great ES6 course by Wes Bos. Try his free JavaScript 30 course for a taste of what to expect. You might also like his React and Sublime course.

run-electron - Run Electron without all the junk terminal output

  •    Javascript

I have tried to get the Electron team to fix this, but they are not responding to my issue, nor any others: electron/electron#12185, electron/electron#13008, electron/electron#13502. Note: Electron is not bundled in this package.

facebook-cleaner - It is almost spring, so time for a pre spring cleaning

  •    Ruby

This is a command line script written in ruby that lets you delete all the years from your Facebook. So you can delete all the old content, but not the last one. For this it uses the facebook mobile page, because it just doesn't have Javascript and presents the least amount of confirmation dialogs, which are stepped through using selenium webdriver.

NeverBounceApi-NodeJS - The NeverBounce API NodeJS wrapper

  •    Javascript

Looking for the V3 API wrapper? Click here. This is the official NeverBounce API NodeJS wrapper. It provides helpful methods to quickly implement our API in your NodeJS applications.