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Clean-Me - A small macOS app that acts as a system cleaner (logs, cache, ...)

  •    Swift

I do NOT recommend you to delete ALL of your cache (or cache of some specific programs). Cache files is what makes your program load faster and preform tasks faster. If you delete it, your program will not only start slower, but will REGENERATE the cache files again. This will NOT save you some precious space on your disk. But if you do have a problem and want to delete the cache of some programs, I suggest you to click on the folder icon and search for that program and delete it this way. If you have large log files, then you can delete these but first check the log files. A large log file mostly indicates that a problem (or your system) really has some problems.

glc - GLC (glog cleaner) is a log cleaner for glog.

  •    Go

GLC (glog cleaner) is a log clear for glog written in Go. This library support for deleting old logs. There are tools which can be run to do the cleanup such as logrotate, but logrotate can't runs on Windows and embedded system, so we need a cross platform library to rotate the log. Here is a example usage that will do check every hour and clean the log files that creation time older than 30 minutes.