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Modern UI Apps Cleaner


This tools helps you to clean Windows Store Apps cache.

User Profile Cleaner


This application allows you to manage via GUI or command line user profiles, removed the profiles no longer used by a number of days. The application allows you to set a list of profiles that can be excluded from deletion.

Clean-Me - A small macOS app that acts as a system cleaner (logs, cache, ...)

  •    Swift

I do NOT recommend you to delete ALL of your cache (or cache of some specific programs). Cache files is what makes your program load faster and preform tasks faster. If you delete it, your program will not only start slower, but will REGENERATE the cache files again. This will NOT save you some precious space on your disk. But if you do have a problem and want to delete the cache of some programs, I suggest you to click on the folder icon and search for that program and delete it this way. If you have large log files, then you can delete these but first check the log files. A large log file mostly indicates that a problem (or your system) really has some problems.

memreduct - Lightweight real-time memory management application to monitor and clean system memory on your computer

  •    C++

Lightweight real-time memory management application to monitor and clean system memory on your computer. The program used undocumented internal system features (Native API) to clear system cache (system working set, working set, standby page lists, modified page lists) with variable result ~10-50%. Application it is compatible with Windows XP SP3 and higher operating systems, but some general features available only since Windows Vista.

dmn - Janitor for your node_modules

  •    Javascript

Packages in npm are bloated with stuff which you will never ever use, like build files and different kinds of test data. Guys from npm provided us with .npmignore files, but seems like almost no one uses it. Please, stop publishing your development stuff to npm. If I would like to run your tests and start hacking on your project I will do git clone not npm install. Once our project has increased in size in 13Mb and this is just because of single test data file which was used by one of our dependencies (true story). Poor testing farm...dmn ("dependency minifier" or "damn missing .npmignore" or "dmn is a meaningless name") - is a command line tool which will help you deal with bloated dependencies. It can clean your node_modules from stuff which you will never need. And it can gracefully generate .npmignore file for your project. Both operations are based on list of ignore targets. Send me a pull request If I missed something in this list.

aws-lambda-ecr-cleaner - An AWS Lambda Function to automate ECR cleanup

  •    Javascript

An AWS Lambda Function to clean ecr repos automatically.AWS Lambda accepts zip archived package. To create it, run npm run package task simply.

broom - A disk cleaning utility for developers.

  •    Shell

broom recursively looks for projects inside a directory and cleans them by removing build artifacts (eg: by invoking "make clean"), optimizing version control system files (eg: by invoking "git gc"), etc. Only show commands that would be executed instead of actually performing them.

node-database-cleaner - The simplest way to clean your database after tests

  •    Javascript

The simplest way to clean your database. Say you're doing test cases. How can you clean up your data after each test run? With Database Cleaner you can simply do it with one line of code.

ParameterJuicer - Validator and cleaner for parameter sets.

  •    PHP

How to extract the juice from your parameters, CSV, forms etc. data. ParameterJuicer is a simple data validator and cleaner for PHP 7.x extensively unit tested. It is possible to create dedicated classes to validate and clean structures with embedded structures (see below).

SVG-Cleaner - A tool for cleaning SVG Files - partial port of Scour to JavaScript.

  •    Javascript

A tool for cleaning SVG Files - partial port of Scour to JavaScript. Scour was created by Jeff Schiller.

composer-cleaner - Victor The Cleaner: removes unnecessary files from vendor directory

  •    PHP

This tool removes unnecessary files and directories from Composer vendor directory. Then simply use composer update.

macosx-versions-cleaner - A script that scrubs the document version history from OS X systems

  •    Python

A script that scrubs the document version history from OS X systems. Warning: This script deletes all previous versions of all documents for all applications that use OS X document versioning. Please understand what you are doing and confirm that you do not need prior versions before you use this script. A Time Machine backup is highly recommended prior to use.

Winapp2 - A database of extended cleaning routines for popular Windows PC based maintenance software

  •    VB

A database of extended cleaning routines for popular Windows PC based maintenance software. Winapp2 comes in 3 different versions. The first version is Winapp2 itself, which is specifically for CCleaner users. It is optimized to remove Winapp2 entries that are already included in CCleaner by default. The second version is the same, except it contains all the removed entries that were removed due to being added in CCleaner. This are for non-CCleaner users. The 3rd version is Winapp3, a much more advanced version that contains dangerous entries that could damage software or even nuke your system. Use this file with extreme cautious.

tin-summer - Find build artifacts that are taking up disk space

  •    Rust

If you do a significant amount of programming, you'll probably end up with build artifacts scattered about. sn is a tool to help you find those artifacts. sn is also a replacement for du. It has nicer output, saner commands and defaults, and it even runs faster on big directories thanks to multithreading.

CleanExpert - :green_heart: A cleaner app for android

  •    Java

A cleaner app for android. It is clean and simple, without ads, without pushes, and never auto start.

facebook-cleaner - It is almost spring, so time for a pre spring cleaning

  •    Ruby

This is a command line script written in ruby that lets you delete all the years from your Facebook. So you can delete all the old content, but not the last one. For this it uses the facebook mobile page, because it just doesn't have Javascript and presents the least amount of confirmation dialogs, which are stepped through using selenium webdriver.

groundskeeper - node

  •    Javascript

This is a small utility to remove forgotten console, debugger and specific blocks of code from Javascript files. It just happens that I forget a lot to remove console statements when moving code to production... at the same time I like to do a lot of validations while in development enviroment, validations that are not really needed when in production mode.

glc - GLC (glog cleaner) is a log cleaner for glog.

  •    Go

GLC (glog cleaner) is a log clear for glog written in Go. This library support for deleting old logs. There are tools which can be run to do the cleanup such as logrotate, but logrotate can't runs on Windows and embedded system, so we need a cross platform library to rotate the log. Here is a example usage that will do check every hour and clean the log files that creation time older than 30 minutes.