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MovieGuide - Movie discovery app showcasing MVP, RxJava, Dagger 2 and Clean Architecture

  •    Java

Android app that lists popular/highest-rated movies, shows trailers and reviews. This app showcases the MVP pattern, RxJava, Dagger 2 and Uncle Bob Martin's Clean Architecture approach. Optimized for tablets.

android-clean-architecture - Showcasing a Clean Architecture approach in our Android applications

  •    Java

The purpose of this repository is to showcase, with a very simple (but hopefully clear) sample Android project, how we have implemented Uncle Bob's Clean Architecture in our applications. There is no such thing as "the best architecture" when it comes to mobile applications: the best architecture approach for a project (or team) always depends on a series of factors and assumptions.

Android-Kotlin-Clean-Architecture - Android Sample Clean Architecture App written in Kotlin

  •    Kotlin

Sample project to show how a sample/test app can have some clean architecture without making it hard to understand.

BetterAdapters - My interpretation of https://medium

  •    Java

My interpretation of write better adapters. Feel free to create issues or send pr's. I didnt invest too much time so there may and will be bugs.

Movies-Kotlin-Kata - Katas for practice Kotlin( Coroutines, dataclasses, delegate properties

  •    Kotlin

Master branch contains already solved katas, exists a branch for every kata. Every branch is a kata for refactor from app without best practices and coupled architecture to Clean Architecture and best practices. Master branch contains final result after all katas.

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