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claudia-bot-builder - Create chat bots for Facebook Messenger, Slack, Amazon Alexa, Skype, Telegram, Viber, Line, GroupMe, Kik and Twilio and deploy to AWS Lambda in minutes

  •    Javascript

Claudia Bot Builder helps developers create and deploy chat-bots for various platforms in minutes to AWS Lambda. It simplifies the messaging workflows, automatically sets up the correct web hooks, and guides you through configuration steps, so that you can focus on important business problems and not have to worry about infrastructure code. This code is enough to operate bots for all supported platforms. Claudia Bot Builder automatically parses the incoming messages into a common format, so you can handle it easily. It also automatically packages the response into the correct message template for the requesting bot, so you do not have to worry about individual bot protocols.

serenata-ocr - A Serverless API for OCRing Serenata de Amor's documents (currently limited to Chamber of Deputies receipts)

  •    Javascript

A Serverless API for OCRing Serenata de Amor's documents (currently limited to Chamber of Deputies receipts). Powered by Claudia.JS and Google Cloud Vision. See the issue tracker for inspiration.

tilegarden - Serverless raster and vector map tile generation using Mapnik and AWS Lambda

  •    Javascript

Tilegarden is a serverless tile-rendering tool using Mapnik, built for AWS Lambda. Serve custom-generated map tiles without having to worry about server maintenance, scaling, or paying for resources that aren't being accessed. Multiple map configuration .mml files can be included in your project's src/tiler/src/config to be dynamically loaded at run-time. Use the query string config with the name of your configuration file (without the file extension) to select which file gets loaded when rendering tiles. If no config is provided, Tilegarden tries to load the config file named map-config.

haveibeenpwned-zxcvbn-lambda-api - Deploy your own secure API to estimate password strength and check haveibeenpwned for known matches - HTTPS by force, server not required, fire and brimstone sold separately 🔥

  •    Javascript

Deploy a private, secure and serverless RESTful endpoint for sanely scoring users' new passwords using Dropbox's zxcvbn library while (k-)anonymously querying Troy Hunt's haveibeenpwned collection of +5.1 billion* breached accounts. Create an AWS profile with IAM full access, Lambda full access and API Gateway Administrator privileges.

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