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bayes - Naive-Bayes Classifier for node.js

  •    Javascript

bayes takes a document (piece of text), and tells you what category that document belongs to. Returns an instance of a Naive-Bayes Classifier.

node.inflection - A port of inflection-js to node.js module

  •    Javascript

inflection-js is a port of the functionality from Ruby on Rails' Active Support Inflection classes into Javascript. inflection is a port of inflection-js to node.js npm package. Instead of extending JavaScript native String object like inflection-js does, inflection separate the methods to a independent package to avoid unexpected behaviors. Note: This library uses Wiktionary as its reference.

node-language-detect - Detect the programming language of any file in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Detect the programming language of any file by checking the file name, file extension, file shebang and falling back to a programming language classifier. For more language information, it should be used in conjunction with language-map. Uses language-classifier which can only detect a small subset of languages.

point-in-big-polygon - Industrial strength point in polygon test

  •    Javascript

Industrial scale point-in-polygon test. Given a polygon, this module preprocesses it in O(n log(n)) time such that any point can be classified against the polygon in O(log(n)) operations. All computations are performed in exact arithmetic. If you want to use multiple polygons/regions, you should use point-in-region instead.

point-in-region - Fast and exact point in region location

  •    Javascript

Locates a point in a collection of regions. Point location is exact, takes O(log(n)) time, and the data structure has a space requirement of O(n log(n)). Preprocesses a collection of regions to answer point location queries efficiently.

organize-cli - 📋 Organize your files, imagine cleaning up your downloads in an instant

  •    Javascript

This will setup a symbolic link to the CLI. Any changes in source files will now be reflected when running the organize command. 🌟 this repo to show support. You can also tweet about this project by clicking here.

color-classifier - Classify the color along the reference color

  •    Javascript

Classify the color along the reference color. using algorithm the CIEDE2000, RGB, HSV. Download the color-classifier.min.js.

nbayes - A Naive Bayes classifier written in JavaScript.

  •    Javascript

nbayes is a lightweight Naive Bayes Classifier written in vanilla JavaScript. It classifies a document (arbitrary piece of text) among the classes (arbitrarily named categories) it has been trained with before. This is all based on simple mathematics. As an example, you could use nbayes to answer the following questions. nbayes offers a simple and straightforward API, keeping it below 3kb (minified). It is a rewrite of ttezel/bayes and thoroughly tested.

classify - Node-based CLI for Neural Network Image Classification via Coco model

  •    Javascript

CLI for Neural Network image classification using Coco model. This package is written to be used as a Node command-line interface (CLI).

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