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limdu - Machine-learning for Node.js

  •    Javascript

Limdu is a machine-learning framework for Node.js. It supports multi-label classification, online learning, and real-time classification. Therefore, it is especially suited for natural language understanding in dialog systems and chat-bots.Limdu is in an "alpha" state - some parts are working (see this readme), but some parts are missing or not tested. Contributions are welcome.

brain - [UNMAINTAINED] Simple feed-forward neural network in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Download the latest brain.js. Training is computationally expensive, so you should try to train the network offline (or on a Worker) and use the toFunction() or toJSON() options to plug the pre-trained network in to your website. Use train() to train the network with an array of training data. The network has to be trained with all the data in bulk in one call to train(). The more training patterns, the longer it will probably take to train, but the better the network will be at classifiying new patterns.

natural - general natural language facilities for node

  •    Javascript

"Natural" is a general natural language facility for nodejs. Tokenizing, stemming, classification, phonetics, tf-idf, WordNet, string similarity, and some inflections are currently supported.

classifier - [UNMAINTAINED] Bayesian classifier with Redis backend

  •    Javascript

Deprecation notice: This library is no longer actively maintained. Try the natural classifier. It doesn't have a Redis backend, but otherwise works even better. The first argument to train() can be a string of text or an array of words, the second argument can be any category name you want.

svmjs - Support Vector Machine in Javascript (SMO algorithm, supports arbitrary kernels) + GUI demo

  •    Javascript

svmjs is a lightweight implementation of the SMO algorithm to train a binary Support Vector Machine. As this uses the dual formulation, it also supports arbitrary kernels. Correctness test, together with MATLAB reference code are in /test. Corresponding code is inside /demo directory.

twss.js - A node.js "that's what she said" classifier

  •    Javascript

This is a node.js module that classifies if a sentence can be replied with "that's what she said". You change algorithm from the default naive bayes classifier (nbc) to a k-nearest neighbor algorithm (knn).

bayes - Naive-Bayes Classifier for node.js

  •    Javascript

bayes takes a document (piece of text), and tells you what category that document belongs to. Returns an instance of a Naive-Bayes Classifier.

pycm - Multi-class confusion matrix library in Python

  •    Python

PyCM is a multi-class confusion matrix library written in Python that supports both input data vectors and direct matrix, and a proper tool for post-classification model evaluation that supports most classes and overall statistics parameters. PyCM is the swiss-army knife of confusion matrices, targeted mainly at data scientists that need a broad array of metrics for predictive models and an accurate evaluation of large variety of classifiers. threshold is added in version 0.9 for real value prediction.

Support Vector Machines Data Mining Plug-in in Analysis Services


The datamining Support Vector Machine (SVM) plug-in in MS SQL Server Analysis Services 2008. This plug-in is the SVM classification algorithm in addition to the shipped data mining algorithms with SQL Server.

simple_bayes - A Naive Bayes machine learning implementation in Elixir.

  •    Elixir

A Naive Bayes machine learning implementation in Elixir. In machine learning, naive Bayes classifiers are a family of simple probabilistic classifiers based on applying Bayes' theorem with strong (naive) independence assumptions between the features.

Gorganizer - Organize your folders into a beautiful classified folder structure with this perfect tool

  •    Go

Gorganizer is a Go program inspired by Bhrigu Srivastava Classifier Project. The Gorganizer's goal is to be a perfect tool providing a stupidly easy-to-use and fast program to organize your files based on its extension.

golinear - liblinear bindings for Go

  •    Go

golinear is a package for training and using linear classifiers in the Go programming language (golang).Ubuntu and Debian provide packages for liblinear. However, at the time of writing (July 2, 2014), these were serverly outdated. This package requires version 1.9 or later.

licenseclassifier - A License Classifier

  •    Go

The license classifier is a library and set of tools that can analyze text to determine what type of license it contains. It searches for license texts in a file and compares it to an archive of known licenses. These files could be, e.g., LICENSE files with a single or multiple licenses in it, or source code files with the license text in a comment.A "confidence level" is associated with each result indicating how close the match was. A confidence level of 1.0 indicates an exact match, while a confidence level of 0.0 indicates that no license was able to match the text.

random-forest-classifier - A random forest classifier in Javascript.

  •    Javascript

A random forest classifier. A random forest is a meta estimator that fits a number of decision tree classifiers on various sub-samples of the dataset and use averaging to improve the predictive accuracy and control over-fitting.Modeled after scikit-learn's RandomForestClassifier.


  •    Javascript

A collection of low-level machine learning algorithms for node.js.This project is quite new and documentation will be on the way shortly. In the meantime you can check out the spec folder for examples of how to use the algorithms.

SoundKeylogger - An experimental project to demonstrate how a user keyboard input may be sniffed through the pattern analysis of the sounds emitted by the keystrokes

  •    C

An experimental project to demonstrate how a user keyboard input may be sniffed through the pattern analysis of the sounds emitted by the keystrokes (based on pyAudioAnalysis). This field of study is called Acoustic cryptanalysis, (also known as Acoustic Keyboard Eavesdropping) and is a type of side channel attack towards electronic devices.

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