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umple - Umple: Model-Oriented Programming - embed models in code and vice versa and generate complete systems

  •    Java

This is the main project for various Umple subprojects and components. Umple is a model-oriented programming technology, allowing developers to embed modelling concepts (e.g. UML associations, state machines), patterns, generation templates, and other abstractions in traditional code, and vice versa. It generates high quality code for Java, C++ and PhP, as well as diagrams, metrics and many other artifacts. It can be embeded in the above languages as well as embed them.

staruml-ruby - Ruby extension for StarUML.

  •    Javascript

staruml-ruby is a Ruby extension for StarUML. This extension helps you to generate Ruby code from a UML class diagram. This extension currently supports generating Ruby code from a UML class diagram. Reverse engineering from Ruby code to a UML class diagram is not supported at the moment.