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react-mixin - mixins in react with es6 style classes

  •    Javascript

React doesn't have anything built in for this, but don't worry! This package implements react's mixin strategy for arbitrary objects. 90% of the time you don't need mixins, in general prefer composition via high order components. For the 10% of the cases where mixins are best (e.g. PureRenderMixin and react-router's Lifecycle mixin), this library can be very useful.

klass - a utility for creating expressive classes in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

An expressive, cross platform JavaScript Class provider with a classical interface to prototypal inheritance.

classie - :tophat: class helper functions

  •    Javascript

classie is longer supported. v1.0.1 is the final version. classie is released under the MIT license.

not-awesome-es6-classes - A curated list of resources on why ES6 (aka ES2015) classes are NOT awesome


Reverse-inspired by all of the awesome lists on GitHub, like Awesome, Awesome Awesomeness, Awesome JavaScript, Awesome React, Awesome Cycle.js, Awesome Go, Awesome Elixir, Awesome Elm, etc. While ES6 brings several useful and syntactically pleasing new features to JavaScript, there are many people in the JS community who feel that adding class syntax to the language was a mistake. I share this sentiment, but I have encountered quite a few programmers in the wild who don't agree or simply don't seem to understand why some of us have this opinion. So, I wanted to create an online reference where people could come to learn specifically about this issue and why they might not actually need class syntax in JavaScript.

stampit - OOP is better with stamps: Composable object factories.

  •    Javascript

Stampit is a 1.3KB gzipped (or 2.7K minified) JavaScript module which supports three different kinds of prototypal inheritance (delegation, concatenation, and functional) to let you inherit behavior in a way that is much more powerful and flexible than any other Object Oriented Programming model. Stamps are standardised composable factory functions. Stampit is an infected compose featuring friendly handy API.

DOMtastic - Small, fast, and modular DOM and event library for modern browsers.

  •    Javascript

Read more in the baseClass article or the docs. Please note that you can extend the $.fn object, just like jQuery Plugins.

classcat - Declarative string builder for DOM className properties

  •    Javascript

Classcat is a declarative string builder for DOM className properties. Each class can be conditionally added and removed depending on the falsiness of the value it is paired with. Here is a button you can toggle on and off. Go ahead and try it online.

MobSoul WPhone Toolkit


Controls: - (NEW) AnimatedTile - RepeatButton - NumericUpDown - GoToMarketPlaceControl Classes: - SaveLoadJPEGService.cs

RAD Studio Code Generation Toolkit

  •    CSharp

RAD Studio is the ultimate class object creator / stored procedure generator and data tier creator for C# and other Visual Studio developers.

Dynamic PagedCollection (Silverlight Pagination)

  •    WPF

PagedCollection helps a developer to easily control the pagination of their collection. This collection doesnt need all datas in memory, it can be attached to RIA/SQL/XML data ... and load needed data one after the other. The PagedCollection can be used with Silverlight.

CSO Gateway - An object-oriented alternative to JSON

  •    ASPNET

The CSO Gateway library will recursively explore the classes, structs interfaces and enums in the inheritance hierarchy and composition graph of an object, create equivalent types in javascript and then create an equivalent object on the client side.


  •    CSharp

SPManager is a helper class to get SPSite and SPWeb. Stop thinking about when to dispose or not to dispose them. It will do the job for you.

nOsliw HUI - HTML/HTA Application Framework


nOsliw HUI is a HTML/HTA Application JScript Framework for IT Professionals and advanced scripters in Windows enterprise networks. HUI is written in JScript/Javascript. The JS classes uses WSH, ADSI, WMI, FileSystem & other AJAX Frameworks.


  •    CSharp

C# Class for grabbing data from the IMDb website.

A Pie Chart Generator for WP7 (Windows Phone 7) developers

  •    DotNet

This is to introduce a Siliverlight class library that provides developers with methods and properties to create a pie chart dynamically in their application. With this class library, it only takes 4-5 lines of code to produce a pie chart.

.NET Type Scaffolding


A fast and customizable way to add type to your project. You can specify property types or can use conventions. Inspired by MvcScaffolding. Here is the simplest example from Package Manager console: PM> Scaffold Type Person Id,FirstName,LastName,BirthDate?