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clappr - :clapper: An extensible media player for the web.

  •    Javascript

Test it at cdn.clappr.io. You can re-use some vendors used internally, for instance you can use Kibo through Clappr.Vendor.Kibo.

bibleify-desktop - 🖥️Simple & fast bible app with dramatized audio built with Electron, React, Rematch & Realm

  •    Javascript

Click here to download the latest version. Bibleify is a simple & fast bible app with dramatized audio. The design is modern, distraction-free, and easy-to-use.

clappr-playback-rate-plugin - A plugin for the Clappr HTML5 video player that enables variable speed playback (0

  •    Javascript

This works by settings the playbackRate property of the <video> element; accordingly, it does not work for the Flash playback.

clappr-video360 - 360 video plugin for Clappr

  •    Javascript

clappr-video360 is a plugin for playing 360 videos with Clappr. It's built on top of Kaleidoscope, so it supports the same browsers the lib supports.

clappr-chromecast-plugin - Chromecast support for clappr

  •    Javascript

A Clappr plugin that adds Chromecast support on Chrome browser. As with all apps running on Chromecast it requires the Google Cast extension installed on the browser. Please notice it's still not production ready, as it lacks a way to select tracks (audio, subtitles), as well as display media information.

clappr-level-selector-plugin - Clappr Level Selector Plugin

  •    Javascript

A simple plugin for Clappr that adds support to manually select level on multi-bitrate streams.

clappr-speech-control-plugin - Control Clappr player with your voice

  •    Javascript

Control Clappr player using your voice. See it working here or give you a try. It uses HTML5 Speech Recognition API and only Chrome supports it for now.

dash-shaka-playback - A dash playback (based on shaka-player) for :clapper: Clappr

  •    Javascript

A clappr playback to play dash based on the amazing shaka-player. If need to protect your content (DRM) you must use the shakaConfiguration following the shaka configuration need.

generator-clappr-plugin - Generator that scaffolds out a clappr plugin

  •    Javascript

⚠️ Be sure to merge the latest from "upstream" before making a pull request. Then when you run yo clappr-plugin it will use your local package.

clappr-rtmp-plugin - 📺 RTMP support for Clappr player.

  •    ActionScript

RTMP support for Clappr player. Supports both RTMP direct and SMIL (dynamic streaming).