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Mapway uses bing map to display linked OGDI, KML, CSV, GeoRSS data, users can publish and comment on any locations anonymously. It contains world wide country/region, state and city Geo data which is ready to be deployed to SQL server including SQL Azure. mapway.cloudapp.net


A simple, lightweight jQuery plugin used to display the current weather of any city using the free OpenWeatherMap API.

cities1000 - lat/lon, names of cities with over 1000 people

This is a dataset with the latitude and longitude of all cities on planet earth with greater than 1000 people.You can find the original on geonames.org.

placename - find a normalized place name and lat/lon from a free-form location query

Search for a city with a free-form location string query.cb(err, results) fires with an array results containing all the matches.

all-the-cities - All the 138,398 cities of the world with a population of at least 1000 inhabitants, in a big JSON array

All the 138,398 cities of the world with a population of at least 1000 inhabitants, in a big JSON array. Derived from the cities1000 npm package, which in turn came from geonames.org data.


Give me your coordinates and I'll tell you where the nearest cities are. Works offline. Download node at nodejs.org and install it, if you haven't already.

OCDB - Open City Database - Quick, easily-deployable smart city-related data service, with access to User Generated Content, POIs, social interactions (likes, check-ins) and more

This documentation provides information on how to setup one instance of the OCDB service. After setup, an RESTful API with JavaScript Object Notion (JSON) as data transport format will be available to be used within your native and web apps. The API provides access to the content made available in the OCDB and provides means to input user generated content (UCG). Using an API the data for different cities and their Points of Interests (POI) can be retrieved for a usage within your applications. Congrats. You did it! Want to explore the API? Try out the API console with your private installation (Notice: this will only work if you succeeded with the steps before) or try out our public installation (Notice: see the details there).

boundaries - GeoJSON Boundaries for Earth

GeoJSON boundaries for Earth, masterfully formatted and normalized for your consumption. You can clone the repo and read the files directly, or use the node module.

my_zipcode_gem - A Ruby gem to handle all things zipcode.

Simple gem to handle zipcode lookups and related functionality. rake zipcodes:update will automatically download and update your local zipcode database. Generates three models for extended zipcode functionality. You should now have three new tables and three new models, Zipcode, State, County.

city-tour - A procedurally generated city. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Made using three.js and WebGL. The results are different each time due to random variation, but follow configurable rules.

icity - Get the tools for the city where your phone number is located

Get the tools for the city where your phone number is located