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cibuildwheel - 🎡 Build Python wheels for all the platforms on CI with minimal configuration.

  •    Python

Python wheels are great. Building them across Mac, Linux, Windows, on multiple versions of Python, is not. cibuildwheel is here to help. cibuildwheel runs on your CI server - currently it supports GitHub Actions, Azure Pipelines, Travis CI, AppVeyor, CircleCI, and GitLab CI - and it builds and tests your wheels across all of your platforms.

awesome_bot - :white_check_mark: Validate links in awesome projects

  •    Ruby

awesome_bot checks for valid URLs in a file, it can be used to verify pull requests updating a README. You can check multiple files (comma separated or * pattern, look below for details).

DeepFence - Identify vulnerabilities in running containers, images, hosts and repositories

  •    Go

Deepfence ThreatMapper helps you to monitor and secure your running applications, in Cloud, Kubernetes, Docker, and Fargate Serverless. ThreatMapper scans your platforms and identifies pods, containers, applications, and infrastructure. Use ThreatMapper to discover the topology of your applications and attack surface. It obtains manifests of dependencies from running pods and containers, serverless apps, applications, and operating system. ThreatMapper matches these against vulnerability feeds to identify vulnerable components.

circleci-docs - Documentation for CircleCI.

  •    HTML

This is the public repository for https://circleci.com/docs/, a static website generated by Jekyll. If you find any errors in our docs or have suggestions, please follow our Contributing Guide to submit an issue or pull request. For minor changes like typos, you can click Suggest an edit to this page, located at the bottom of each article. This will take you to the source file on GitHub, where you can submit a pull request for your change through the UI.

squanchy-android - Open source Android app for your conferences

  •    Kotlin

Squanchy is an open source platform for conferences. The source code for the Firebase backend and for the Flutter port of the app is available in other repositories of this organisation. Documentation is available on http://squanchy.net/. The project is maintained by independent contributors (see CONTRIBUTORS.md).

promu - Prometheus Utility Tool

  •    Go

Apache License 2.0, see LICENSE.

ci - Build your Atom packages

  •    PowerShell

Set the APM_TEST_PACKAGES environment variable in your .travis.yml or circle.yml file to a space-separated list of packages to install before your package's tests run.It will always download the latest available version. You can read more about the latest Atom release here.

build-status - Emacs minor mode that monitors and shows a buffer's build status in the mode line.

  •    Emacs

Emacs minor mode that shows a buffer's build status in the mode line. M-x build-status-mode in a buffer that's part of a CI project.

testen - :heavy_check_mark: Run tests for multiple versions of Node.js in local env.

  •    Javascript

Run tests for multiple versions of Node.js in local env.You should have nvm and node >= 4 installed.

rspec_junit_formatter - RSpec results formatted as JUnit XML that your CI can read

  •    Ruby

RSpec 2 & 3 results that Jenkins can read. Probably a few other CI services, too. Inspired by the work of Diego Souza on RSpec Formatters after frustration with CI Reporter.

cci-demo-rails - Example Ruby/Rails application running on CircleCI 2.0.

  •    Ruby

This is an example application showcasing how to run a Ruby on Rails app on CircleCI 2.0.

circleci-images - Scripts to generate images for building projects on CircleCI 2.0

  •    Shell

We extend Docker Official Repositories in order to start with the same consistent set of images. This allows us to make things more standardized. From our scripts for checking for updates, the type of OS on the base image, and so forth. We can recommend using apt-get install rather than documenting various constraints depending on which stack you're using.

cucumber-formatter - Custom formatter for Cucumber

  •    Ruby

Custom formatter for Cucumber that defends against timecop overriding Time.now. Timecop redefines Time.now to Time.now_without_mock_time. If that method exists, then we call that method instead of Time.now.

drupal8ci - One-line installer for implementing Continuous Integration in a Drupal 8 project using CircleCI

  •    Shell

This repository provides the foundation to implement Continuous Integration in a Drupal 8 project using CircleCI or Travis against a GitHub repository. Simply run the installer (details below) and allow the CI provider that you chose to watch repository changes to start building on every pull request.

docker-hhvm - Docker PHP repository with various PHP related images.

  •    Shell

You can build any X.Y.Z tag present at HHVM Github repository. Please be aware that not all HHVM versions have support from HHVM project. To see the full information about versions support please see HHVM release schedule. This command will pull the :deb image (if you do not have it already) and execute hhvm -a command (opening an interactive shell session).

website - This project is used to build the website for fastify web framework and publish it online.

  •    HTML

This project is used to build the website for fastify web framework and publish it online. This will execute all the steps necessary to create a build (static website).

shop - 🛍🛒 Full-stack React/Prisma/TS/GraphQL E-Commerce Example

  •    TypeScript

Attempt to create a great reference project with an amazing developer experience wherein a lot of common React/Prisma/GraphQL challenges are addressed. Starts the /api Gateway, the Next.js /web, and a TypeScript watcher for /e2e in parallell.

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